Making games harder via table?

Mar 10, 2017
I know that there is a large modding community for games like Minecraft, Terraria, BInding of Isaac, etc. Quite a few of them out there have mods that make the game a bit harder for better rewards.

Have you guys considered including "make the game harder" cheats in cheat tables.

A few of the older Borderlands 2 tables I have have a function that is just like that. They give you a cheat option that makes the game to think that there are more players, making the things we have to kill more numerous or harder. Mostly it's for more loot in that case, but I loved the challenge too.

My table creation is rusty as hell, but I'm trying to get back into it after a year or so...

That said, would you guys ever consider making table that would make the game a little harder? For example: all enemies crit twice as much, 3/4 life gain etc?
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