Magicka v1.4.0.2 and above (update for


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Mar 2, 2017
Made by: Geri

UPDATE: I have updated the Health and Shield cheat for v1.4.7.0.
Because of the new DLCs and stories.

Seeing that Recifense is currently busy to update his table and I and other people still play the game sometimes, I have decided to post my own cheats for it. They have nothing to do with Recifense's script or method (I do not use playerID in this table) and my cheat does not have the same possible bugs etc. If a cheat is working for an enemy too, you can report it, though I have tested it a bit and seems to be fine.

(Finished the adventure mode with cheats so it is working well apart from one small bug which is written below.)

This table has been made for Magicka.
It should support game versions from v1.4.0.2 and above.
It will NOT work with lower versions.

Trainer download link:

1. Activate cheats for and above
2. Unlimited Health
3. Unlimited Shield
4. Max charged spells


Activate cheats for and above: You need to activate this option before you would be able to use option 2 and 3.
You need to start playing a level before you can activate it.

Unlimited Health: Unlimited Health, some things that do massive damage may still kill you.
(You need to activate the trainer before you can use this.)

Unlimited Shield: Unlimited Shield to protect you from massive damage and elemental magic (like fire, ice, poison, etc).
Recommended to use along with Unlimited Health. (You need to activate the trainer before you can use this.)

Max charged spells: Your spells will be fully charged so you don't need to charge them with the right mouse button.
When you start the game, you need to charge a spell before you can activate this cheat.

To get a cheat for lower versions, visit this page:

What is a CETRAINER file? The answer is here:

Recommended for those who are afraid of viruses and prefering downloading small files.

Bugs I have found in Adventure mode:

In Havindr, 3 soldiers would be crushed by the Grinder. They will survive if the Unlimited health cheat is on. (Not important at all.)
In chapter 9, when you reach Vlad's village at the end of the level, you should heal the peasants and they would rebel against Vlad.
With the health cheat turned on, they will be healed as soon as you enter the village and they rebel against Vlad. (So you may miss a dialog.)
Turn off the cheat before you enter the village and no problem.


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