Len'en 01 ~ Evanescent Existence v1.11a

Nov 6, 2017
Save this CT file in "My Documents\My Cheat Tables" (Win XP, or lower) or "Documents\My Cheat Tables" (Win Vista, or higher).
This version has Suzumi Kuzu as a playable character (unlockable).

Invulnerable [n1] [n2]
Continue [n1]
Boss HP [n1] [n3]
Boss time [n1] [n4]
Flash bomb [n1] [n5]
Score [n1]
Life [n1]
Bomb [n1]
Power [n1] [n6]
Total points [n1]
Points [n1]
Thrill [n1]

All scripts, no pointers.

When the player flashes, tick the script. When invulnerable, the player can't use bomb or graze bullets.

Script is set at 0. Tick it, then shoot the boss.

For Tsurubami's survival spellcards, tick it, go back to gameplay, untick it, and go back to gameplay.

To make them work, fill the gauge first by grazing bullets (invulnerable script must be disabled).

Tick the script and collect a "P" to get full power.


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