Legend of Dungeon


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Mar 2, 2017
Can find a pointer to this "current character stats" struct, but heres what i have so far.

Made by: palasx

do an AOB scan for:

you should get 4 results, one for each player, it seems to be random ordered.

do a "recalculate for new addresses" on the list, and there you have it.

stat mods reset when you wear a new hat/item.

Anyone know how to make the AOB scan automatic? if so i can probably just make a P1, P2, P3, P4 section with the 4 results.

I did a "fast" table for this game. Works for the current steam version (unicorn 0.91?)

How to use this table:

1- Open the game
2- Open the table, attach the gameprocess to CE
3- Play the game, kill an enemy, get some experience and get hurt
4- Go back to the table, click the script
5- Play the game and let any enemy to damage you
6- Profit!

Made by: AikonCWD


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