La pucelle tactics europe version(pcsx2 1.4.0)

Mar 3, 2017
>Pr mod(money)
>Item editor-spawner slot 1
>First Character Editor(base real stats + purify power)
>Customer Rank
>Survey Activator (shop 3rd option)
>Current Dark world floor (set to 9 to get to boss on next)
>Extra Turns (use alt+2 to get extra turn for player)
>First Monster Hapiness level
>Enemy Controller (Enter status of enemy exit and press alt+1 to open his menu :) you can grab his items or even waste his turn)
>Press Alt+3 during battle to repeat battle rewards infinite times till you stop it with Alt+4
>You can gain cursor control anytime even at enemy turn with Alt+4
>Ability to get more than 8 characters out of base


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