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Mar 2, 2017
Hey guys, saw a table was requested for this game and decided to give it a go (quickly learned why a table was made for this yet, was flipping difficult!), well for me anyway.

Huge thanks to ++METHOS, helped me figure out a few problems that were holding me and this table back!

But all that aside, Here you go!

v1.4.1 patch

Fixed research, no longer requires right click. Thx darkedone02 & Pezzaro

v1.4 - Full Production Control Update

added Fill Building Condition
added Instant Research On-R.Click
Renamed Insta-Fill Building Materials to Instant Fill Building Materials

v1.3 update

Changed Instant Production to Instant Material Production
Added Instant Item Production
Added Insta-Fill Building Materials

v1.2 update

]Added Toughness Stat -In Change Stats - Thx darkedone02
Added Instant Production Script - Will be changed in the future when (or if) enemies can start building. - Thx Pezzaro

v1.1.2 patch

Fix table for Kenshi v.61- thx starblade1

v1.1 update

Fix table for Kenshi v.60 - thx darkedone02

v1.01 patch

Made a small fix, Change stats would cause a crash if left on for too long, now it sets [SkillPoints] to 0 (disabling it) after running a certain number of times to prevent problems.

hot key Alt+1 to set your units skill to 100 (when change stats is enabled).

Table Includes:

Lots of Money - gives player 999,999,999 Catz!
Instant Fill Building Condition - Instantly Fill Condition to match current Materials on buildings!
Instant Fill Building Materials - Makes buildings current materials reach their needed materials instantly,and only adds 1 building material!
Instant Material Production - Makes building output instant!
Instant Item Production - Makes crafting output instant!
Instant Research - Instantly finish research
Change Stats - ALT+1 sets skills to 100 - Changes the sats of all people under player's control, to what ever the user specifies! (recommended not to exceed 100, game kinda freaks)

Post requests and I will see what I can do!

If someone wants to make a trainer with this table they can, just give credit to me for the table, if you upload it.

It will be the responsibility of the trainer up-loader to make sure it stays up to date with the table.

Enjoy Guys!

Made by: TheTornadoTitan


Mar 12, 2017
You got my hopes up just to crush them... it is the same outdated version that was on the old forums, isn't it? The latest version of the game is 0.95.40
Apr 19, 2017
yup STN is just reuploading all the old tables from the old forum so that people can hopefully find a table if they need it.
Mar 2, 2017
Cool just found this game, hope the table gets some love. Not sure if it works, but thanks for it.

Isnt the +100 stats kinda odd. If going past 100 makes the game buggy then why bring you to that point knowing this game levels stats all the time? hmm


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Sep 2, 2017
im using the 74.32 version since i have a 32bit computer and this works great!!!! thanks so much all regular trainer makers only made it for 64bit version so this helps out and 32bit user that wants to play this game and use a trainer! thanks again!!!!!
Mar 4, 2017
if he gonna update it, I think he should wait till the final release out of early access which is soon. that way he dosen't have to do multiple tables updates
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