It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains :: Steam 1.3.8


Novice Cheater
Apr 25, 2017
Platform: Steam
Version: 1.3.8
Singleplayer [x]
Multiplayer [Untested]

Go inside the game world and enable [Player], kill at least one monster before changing values or game will crash.

Inside [Player] you will find the following with brief description if necessary.

[playerController] - Edit movement speed and such
[playerScores] - Score related with favorite weapon for that round
[weaponManager] - Fire rate, ammo, gun strength, ect. You need to own the weapon for the changes to matter and possibly not crash your game.
currency - self explanitory
multiplier - score multiplier
invuln hack - makes you invuln to enemies, may need to set on each new level/wave, untested
make yourself targetable - makes so enemies can target you or not, untested
enable shield - enables shield on player, use timeout to increase duration of shield, mostly untested

If you have any issues, make a reply and I'll try to help.


  • FromSpace.CT

    retail steam version 1.3.8, may or may not work on cracked copies.

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