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Mar 2, 2017
Made by: Zanzer

ALERT! Game is now using VAC. I'm not confident 'offline' play is actually offline.

Unlimited Ammo
1. Start a new mission and land on the planet
2. Enable the script and switch between both weapons
3. Disable the script and then exit the mission
4. You should now have unlimited ammo with those weapons

They Broke My Old Scripts Sad
Set Earned Research Points to 999
Set Experience to 999,999 (takes effect after mission)
Set Unlimited Ammo [Hotkey: F5] (activate once before a mission)
Set Unlimited Armor [Hotkey: F6] (activate while on mission)
Set One-Hit Kill [Hotkey: F7] (activate while on mission)
Set Move Speed (While Aiming) [Hotkey: F8] (activate once before a mission)


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Mar 4, 2017
For those who still want to hack this game, most if not all important data is stored in double. Super easy to find.

For whomever wants to hack upgrade points, search for total sample numbers. 10 sample points = 1 upgrade point, therefore if you have 3 points and 5 samples, search for 35, if you have 5 points search for 5, if you have 5 points and no sample, search for 50, then change it to whatever you like. XP is also in double, pretty straight forward. You can also hack mission stats like how many mission you succeeded and enemies killed (for achievements).

For safety, do this offline. I am not sure how the anti-cheat works on this game, so better turn steam into offline mode and play on a lv1 planet, hack however you like then go back online.


What is cheating?
May 27, 2017
Is there a working script/trainer anywhere that has working ADD XP/Strategem. I clocked about enough hours hours on the game (300+) and just wanna mess about. Thanks in advnace


What is cheating?
Apr 15, 2017
Not sure I understand how to find and modify the XP, but I admit I may just be inept when it comes to using Cheat Engine. I'd really appreciate further explanation on how to find and modify the XP value so that I can do so for my save (as I want all the skins for Fashion). That, or a working table/script. Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I'm finding multiple values when I scan for Double values fitting my Research Samples or XP. I have no clue which address is the one I actually need to change in order to modify my XP or Research Points. Any ideas?
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