Hammerwatch 1.3 STEAM +157 Cheat Table


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Administrative Team
Mar 2, 2017
AikonCWD is here again, this time I share my biggest table, +157 options to play/hack on Hammerwatch 1.3 STEAM

Here is a screen of regular values you can edit:

You can edit Nova Combo, but I recommend you to play until you get this hability first, then came here to edit as you want.

I added a huge Hero Stats Editor v1.0, so you can pick and edit your current hero. You must edit your current hero or bugs/crash are expected! Here is an example of PRIEST:

Editing the correct value you can do things like this:

Tell me if all is working, the name of every address/pointer are self-explanatory, but if you are confused, feel free to ask me anything about how to use this table.

Enjoy! Razz

Made by: AikonCWD