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Mar 10, 2017
Game :

So i hope there someone want to make table for this game, this game is good rpg 8bit game with some interesting pervert element but not adult one, the problem in this game is item always break when we use that item or being hit by enemy, but yeah when enter some area we will get random box item but of course the item we get is random and almost get shitty tier not normal or even good, so i hope there will table to edit pointer in inventory so we can always get or change it to good one
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Cause i can't edit my own post so i write it in reply
Game Name: Hakoniwa Explorer Plus
Game Engine: i dunno
Game Version: Steam, latest
Options Required: Health, item editor
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Mar 3, 2017
Made a simple item editor hook for Medicine 3 and Onion 3 item in Inventory. Script locates the item slot with those items and quantity and from dropdownList you choose the mod (have to exit menus for game to refresh items). List is simple i'm early in game but found some nice things anyway :3 (including all stat boost items :3 ) Hope it works for this version,i tried to make it universal for all versions. I'll update with more items in future. Concerning health you can freeze a regeneration grass on item editor (instant in game revive) unless if there is an enemy that cancels that >_>
>Found some special badges
>Found random dungeon items
>Found most weapons with 9999 (i believe its complete list of weapons unless if there are more categories)
>Found many more items including material/special items/naugty items haha etc
>Found a debug armour :eek: boss lamia armour1 makes you supper strong with both bars fast regeneration and cant break.
I can add more item hooks if you want just ask below with item+ quantity or just change the aob in script manually with another item (just carefull with quantity it matters too)
>Made item Dupe script if thats useful ( discard item to dupe, pickup again and set byte to 1 repeat pickup), you might want to hotkey that if you like it
I think im done with item editor for now till i find something else >_>.


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