[REQUEST] Guilty Gear -Xrd- Revelator 2 (maximum R.I.S.C. trainer)

May 25, 2017
Could somebody be so kind as to create a "maximum / full R.I.S.C. bar" trainer for GG -Xrd- Rev. 2, please?

The values are quite easily locatable, but the dreaded pointers are required for the cheat to work from match to match (*usually resets when returning to char. select screen {versus mode}, but not always).

I would like both player-1 and player-2 sides to have their R.I.S.C. bars set 100% permanently, for local versus play. This is because the game employs are very Draconian damage-scaling mechanic, where attack / combos inflict paltry damage (esp. when nearing 0 HP) if the R.I.S.C. bar is not filled. Said bar also depletes very quickly (in a couple of seconds, from full) and takes quite a while to fill -- rendering the mechanic a real fun-killer (...if you like big damage output for your over-the-top super attacks etc., that is).
(NB: The R.I.S.C bar increases each time an attack is blocked -- this can be used to find the values.)

I'd also be willing to pay through Patreon, if that is what would be necessary. Thanks.