[COMPLETED] Greedy Guns


What is cheating?
Sep 7, 2017
Hello, just made my first CE Table. In my end it works fine.

What does it do? It gives infinite health in the sense that enemies and projectiles do not harm you (it is still possible do die with the spikes but think that's acceptable). In what regards money it is not infinite money but turns each coin to worth 1000 which makes it extremally easy to earn money.

How to activate the scrips? Before activate the scrips you have to loose a bit of health (only afterwards you can activate the script). For the money, you have to earn some coins before activating the script. It is like if some part of the code is only available after first use. If this is taked into attention it should work.

Since I'm still learning any feedback is valuable. Please let me know if it worked on your end.


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