Gas Guzzlers Extreme v1.8.0.0 x64(PROPHET) +9(+11) Trainer Update


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Mar 29, 2017
Tested on Windows 7 x64
Game version for +9 trainer - Gold ( FMF FMZ ) DX11 64-bit(PROPHET) July 2016; but it seems to be working with STEAM version too
Game version for +11 trainer - Gold ( FMF FMZ ) DX11 64-bit(PROPHET) April 2017
Software used - Cheat Engine 6.6

For SINGLEPLAYER use only. If You try to use it with original STEAM version, make sure to run the game in OFFLINE mode.

Make sure, that "NUM LOCK" on Yor keyboard is "ON", before using it.

Trainer options:

NUM PAD "1" - Unlimited Ammo - Toggle Unlimited Ammunition for all weapons.

NUM PAD "2" - God Mode - Toggle unlimited "health" for Your car, so You won`t die.

NUM PAD "3" - Unlimited Nitro - Toggle Unlimited Nitro boost for Your car; this wil also get You unlimited fuel in "Zombie" events.

NUM PAD "4" - Unlimited Powerups(After Pickup) - Toggle Unlimited amount for any type of picked powerup; also
decreases "cooldown" timer between uses of current powerup, so You can use it again almost immediately.

NUM PAD "5" - Rapid/Instant Fire - Activate this ONLY when the race are started and You have at least some weapons
on Your car; Removes delay between firing shots from non-automatic weapons (shotguns, rocket launchers...),
basically switching them in to "automatic" mode. It also removes "Warm up" delay before firing from Miniguns and
Railguns. Use with caution =).

NUM PAD "0" - Freeze Timer(DON`T USE IN "LAP" EVENTS) - Toggle freeze of base game timer. Could be used to freeze
"countdown" timer in some types of events, like "DeathMatch", "CTF", etc...DO NOT use this in the events, when
You have to race other cars during some amount of laps, or You can end up finished (accornig by the game) in completely
different place, than You actually took in the race.

NUM PAD "6"(+11 Trainer) - Always First Place("LAP" Race) - Sets Player`s race time to ~ 2 seconds, so regardless of what place You
actually finished in "Lap Races" events, the game will consider You a winner, since You`ll have the lowest time.

NUM PAD "."(del) - Money Add 50000(Use ONLY In "Garage") - Add 50000$ to Your account in "Campaign" mode of the game. Use
only in "Garage" menu and buy somethin (or exit to "Main menu" and reenter "Campaign") to see the effect.

NUM PAD "+" - Enable Double Damage(NOT POWERUP) - Sets the Multiplier of the all kinds damage, done by Human player
to AI player to "2"(def is "1"); since it access "Built in-game" function, it Will write the value to Your "Save profile" and
remain the same, even if You exit the game and reenter it without using the trainer, unless You disable it first.

NUM PAD "7"(+11 Trainer) - Enable One Hit Kill - This is basicaly the same as "Double Damage", but it sets the Damage
Multiplier to "500" value, so even every "scratch", done by Human player to AI should finish them. Make sure You DISABLE it
before leaving the game, or it will remain the same, even if You exit the game and reenter it without using the trainer.

NUM PAD "-" - Disable Double Damage - Sets the Damage Multiplier back to defaul "1" value.

NUM PAD "*" - Unlock Everything - Unlocks Every item in the "Campaign" and "Quick Race" modes (cars, tracks, weapons...)
despite of Your progress in the game; exit to the "Main menu" and reenter "Campaign" or "Quick Race" mode
after using it to see the effect. Like the "Double Damage", it will also write to your "Save profile".

NUM PAD "/" - Disable Unlock - restore "locks" on items, according to Your current progress in the game.

I made it for my personal use (i couldn't find trainer for 64-bit version of the game anywhere) and decided to share it - maybe
someone can find it useful to.
It works fine for me, but i`m new to this (this is my first trainer actually), so i`m sorry, if it won`t work for You.

Sorry for my "English".

Download trainer +11

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