FTL Trainer v1.0.0


What is cheating?
Jun 27, 2017
-Infinite Supply + Scrap - Sets your fuel, missles, drone parts, and scrap to 999 and locks the value
-God mode - your health stays and will stay at 30
-Weapon 1 no cd - whatever weapon you put in slot 1 will have 0 cooldown when firing
-Cripple enemy systems - Sets engines, shields, weapons, and oxygen of enemy ship to 0
-FTL 100% - your ftl drive will automatically power up to maximum capacity
-Instant shield regen - Your shields will regen instantly
-instakill enemy - set enemy health to 0
-max ship systems - maximizes power capacity and power for all your systems
-enable all - enables all the cheats above


How to install:
-Download link for executable file is in description

How to run:
-Open FTL (process name: FTLGame.exe)
-Open FTLTrainer -> Run as Administrator

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?4uuizazz2j4wms2
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