[REQUEST] Forza horizon 3 (codex) rls


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Game Name: Forza horizon 3 (codex)
Game Engine:
Game Version:
Options Required: xp/credits/skill points
Other Info: As game has now had a scene release and is offline only , I feel it is a viable game for request.


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i remember this a while ago when FH3 was in demo bypass. but, sadly this also modifies your stats and exp. here's the link

credits to TR1T0N


What is cheating?
already follow video instruction on 1.0.119 version, can't find EAX/EDI==myCR
when I search myCR value, found 1 address and found what writes to this address, show disammbler, go up 1 line (forza_x64_.....)
break and trace, I tried 1000,2500,5000,10000
still can't find EAX/EDI==myCR
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