Forgotton Anne +3, table Update1


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Mar 3, 2017
made some scripts for Forgotton Anne.

- added Unlock Wings.
- updated Ignore Arca. it covers the "advance arca" now.
the one you can resurrect the forgotligs with.
- updated Ignore Arca. it covers the valve turning now.
- updated Ignore Arca. it covers the wings and Arca device usage now. also, with this update, you need to hold a mod key in order use/release Arca when you're emptied and to absorb Arca when you're full, to avoid potential plot skipping.

(new) Unlock Wings (table Update1, 20180520)
(up) Ignore Arca (table Update1, 20180520)
Walk Key

Unlock Wings
- allows you to use the wings even if you don't have the wings with you.
- works only if you're playing with keyboard & mouse.

Ignore Arca
- you can use the wings without any Arca.
- hold the CapsLock key, and you can use/release Arca on Arca device/valve turning even if your Arca is empty, or absorb Arca even if your Arca is full.

Walk Key
- hold CapsLock key to walk.
- you can attempt to walk on keyboard using Alt key by game default actually, but the game default key may not work properly if you're pressing the Up/Down keys (W/S) at the same time, ie., you may either just look up/down and can't walk, or just keep running.


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