Find Camera And FoV Values

May 1, 2017
Been messing around with Mafia 3 lately and was interesting in taking some screenshots in that game. So far i've done Infinite Ammo and Health in the game but i cant figure it out how to find camera and FoV values in the game to open up free camera...

Can someone please help me.


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Mar 3, 2017
You'll often find camera coordinates when looking for character coordinates. As your character increases in height, so will the camera position. Just search for increased/decreased values. Narrow down the addresses and start testing them out. The values when you pan left/right/up/down should be close to the coordinate values. But you may have to do a separate search for those.

For FOV, find an action in game that changes the FOV and search accordingly. FOV can change when you aim your weapon for example. If the game allows you to change the FOV through a graphical setting it makes it a lot more easier. If none of those scenarios exist, start changing values around the camera coordinates. You can usually find FOV around there, but that's really game dependent..
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