Final Fantasy XV (Steam)

Apr 23, 2018
@FranViera, the model swapper and outfit table has been broken since the latest patch, but regardless it won't let you swap Aranea for Noctis. I haven't tried it, but this mod on the Steam workshop is maybe more what you're looking for.


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Jul 7, 2018
thanks for the info :)
No sadly the mod isnt, because the movement of noctis doenst fits
and the model is not very good either :-/


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Mar 11, 2017
Was coming to post about the patch breaking the main script, but see I was beat, so instead I'll post an update (for the table creators) I made to the Item Finder to add a number of missing Auto Parts items (as well as reorder them). I haven't added everything, but mainly got the stuff for paint jobs, like the ores, shards, etc:

-----Auto Parts-----
16936431:Whitestone Shard
16936432:Blackstone Shard
16936433:Redstone Shard
16936434:Bluestone Shard
16936435:Greenstone Shard
16936436:Yellowstone Shard
16936437:Silver Dust
16936438:Gold Dust
16936439:Prismatic Dust
16936440:Whitestone Ore
16936441:Blackstone Ore
16936442:Redstone Ore
16936443:Bluestone Ore
16936444:Greenstone Ore
16936445:Yellowstone Ore
16936446:Silver Shard
16936447:Gold Shard
16936448:Prismatic Shard
16936449:Whitestone Crystal
16936450:Blackstone Crystal
16936451:Redstone Crystal
16936452:Bluestone Crystal
16936453:Greenstone Crystal
16936454:Yellowstone Crystal
16936455:Silver Ore
16936456:Gold Ore
16936457:Pristmatic Ore
17007409:The Beast
17007405:Beaux Arts
17007420:Racing Stripes I
17007421:Racing Stripes II
17007422:Racing Stripes III
17007423:Racing Stripes IV
17007424:Racing Stripes V
17007444:Hammerhead Sticker
17037666:Advanced Color Samples
17033102:Memories Of FF
17033103:Memories Of FFII
17033104:Memories Of FFIII
17033105:Memories Of FFIV
17033106:Memories Of FFV
17033107:Memories Of FFVI
17033108:Memories Of FFVII
17033109:Memories Of FFVIII
17033110:Memories Of FFIX Disc 1
17033111:Memories Of FFIX Disc 2
17033112:Memories Of FFX
17033113:Memories Of FF11 Disc 1
17033114:Memories Of FF11  Disc 2
17033115:Memories Of FF11  Disc 3
17033116:Memories Of FF11  Disc 4
17033117:Memories Of FF11  Disc 5
17033118:Memories Of FF12
17033119:Memories Of FFXIII
17033120:Memories Of FF14   Disc 1
17033121:Memories Of FF14   Disc 2
17033122:Memories Of DISSIDIA 012 FF
17033123:Memories Of FF Type-0
17033124:Memories The Dissidia 012
17033125:Lucian Cruisin' Collection
17033127:Memories Of KINGSGLAIVE
17033128:Memories Of JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE
17033129:Memories Of BROTHERHOOD
17044344:Memories of NieR: Gestalt & Replicant
17044345:Memories of Nier: Automata
17044346:Memories of EPISODE GLADIOLUS
17044347:Memories of TERRA BATTLE
17044348:Memories of EPISODE PROMPTO
17044350:Memories of EPISODE IGNIS


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Mar 3, 2017
Updated table.

The scripts should be enabled in the title screen to ensure the game allocates 5 bytes for the jump to new memory, as opposed to in-game where it can allocate 14 bytes instead. I also wrote it this way since it gives me a bit of reassurance that people are actually following my directions when reporting bugs.

If you're still having trouble with your scripts, send me a PM and we can go over it there.

Really dude.. It hasn't even been a day yet and you're bitching about us being "dead" or "losing interest". Believe it or not, most of us have lives outside this forum, we get to it when we can. Learn to update things by yourself or fucking wait patiently. Don't post bullshit like that.


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Jul 11, 2018
Hilarious, so I'm playing all day yesterday having a blast with your cheat table, and my friend comes online and wanted to get in on the action, so I close down the game, etc-- walk him through installing CE, your table, SpecialK-- then when we both try to activate the script, it didn't work..

I thought I was crazy and then I come back here to confirm there was an update. I guess Steam didn't update the game until I logged off the game to walk my buddy through everything and the update was so small/fast, I didn't even notice.

Anyhow, I want to say thank you very very much for all of this hard work. I was writing my own amateur memory tables when I stumbled upon this thread, which pretty much made my lame cheat tables look like poop, lol.

You guys rock, and are very appreciated within your community


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Jul 11, 2018
Bah, damnit, was there just ANOTHER blasted update? The cheat table worked, and then I turned off the game, left to go get a glass of water, come back and it's not working again. Stupid SquareEnix not leaving Update changelogs either so I can't tell if there was another update just now.

EDIT: Hmm, false alarm, script is working again. I must have done something stupid and caused it to not work temporarily. Disregard! hehe.
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Jul 10, 2018
Most things work fine for me, but unfortunately the Comrades Weapon pointer can only swap weapon texture/name and everything else (Stats/Resistance/Ability is just random or incorrect numbers.

P.S thanks for the fast update.
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