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May 12, 2017
Hello everyone, i know there is a few trainers for final fantasy vii, but i would like to know not how to make a trainer but to cheat the game. for example i wanted to cheat the health bar but it shows me the bar cheated but when enemies attack me(and with the freezer box activated) the health bar don't decrease but i die anyway. i don't know how to use cheat engine, it was my first time doing a cheat(or trying xD). please, i need your help.


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Mar 6, 2017
You can just normally search for address, then when you got the addresses, try changing them in sequence with value: 1.

If you die, it's the right one, and it should be static. PS1 Emu right?

Another trick is to add +04 to the address, if it points to the max HP, then high chance that's it the right one.

I have played a bit of FF VII before and that's what i got.


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