Extinction +10 (table Update4)


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Mar 3, 2017
make some scripts for Extinction.

may make more if the game is interesting.
though with Ys VIII finally coming out soon, and ACO will be updated soon.... I don't know.

- moving the update I posted on phpbb to here.-
- added 2 incomplete scripts (incomplete as in I didn't finished refining them before I moved on to other games...), easy rescue objective, and easy kill objective
- added max rune energy
- added instant rescue, ignore sp, ignore civilians killed, and mission timer mod
- added inf. air jump and inf. air dash
max rune energy
inf. air jump
inf. air dash
instant rescue
ignore sp
ignore civilians killed
mission timer mod
easy rescue objective
easy kill objective

- health still drop when being hit but it won't get past the min health specified, and you won't be killed.
- set the value to "invincible" from the drop down list and the health won't be decreased on hit at all.
- min health default: 1, can be changed by editing the script, line 1.

instant rescue
- portal crystal will be charged instantly as soon as you start charging.
- note the you still need to hold the charge button/key for a split second for the charge animation to start first.

ignore sp
- you can learn skill with zero sp.
- sp still drop until it reaches zero when used.

ignore civilians killed
- civilians killed won't decrease the city destruction %.
- note that you may still fail any "rescue civilians" objectives if there are not enough remaining civilians to be rescued,

mission timer mod
- when activated, the mission countdown timer won't decrease below the specified min countdown time.
- min countdown time default: 3 (in seconds), can be changed by editing the script, line 1.
- note that it's for the "finish mission before a certain time" objective. it won't prevent you from finishing those missions that won't end until the time is up.

easy rescue objective
- rescue 1 civilian to accomplish any rescue objective.

easy kill objective
- kill one enemy to accomplish a kill objective.
- it only works on "Jackal". probably won't refine it to work on other enemy types.


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Sep 2, 2017
Thx! I want give a like, but I don't know how after site updated.....
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