Event Horizon

Mar 3, 2017
32bit table for Event Horizon v0.14.1,
may not work for other version.

before activate workshop related cheat, enter workshop,
buy one cheap workshop item, if have star, buy the higher rank item.

before activate skill related cheat, enter skill tree panel (not tech tree),
click one icon (don't need to learn),

to update skill effect multiplier, toggle the 'toggle update-skill' so that
it show 'to-update', then do something in game related to skill, eg. click
a further stars to try [Improved Engine] skill. If it turn 'UPDATE DONE', the
skill multiplier should be applied.

Note that you must
1 . have learnt one of that skill type and
2 . set that multiplier greater than 1
to have the multiple effect.
but not all skill have multiple effect, eg hangar slot.

There is a sample effect-mul profile you can try.
Note that the exp (Quick Learning) mul is set to 1M,
you may want to edit the Sample profile before activate
After setup, toggle the 'update-skill' mention above.

the all research cheat is temporary, it won't affect real tech tree or
block you obtain new blueprint, it only allow you buy the item from
the skill point spend will be saved, it may show negative when cheat off,
it will be back to positive when you get enough lvl up.

deactivate 'INIT!' if the game seems locking when exiting the game.
may better deactivate 'INIT!' if playing full screen in case cannot toggle
focus to other app. (won't affect cheat on effect)




What is cheating?
Apr 24, 2018
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