[REQUEST] Europa Universalis 2: For the Glory


Novice Cheater
Apr 19, 2017
So this is the final version of old, but gold EU2 and I've realised that while the game does have a boatload of cheats, there is no way around certain things, unless performing extensive save edits and knowing what to change without blowing the save file. Thus asking for a table allowing just about any of those:
  • Instant construction finish
  • Instant religious conversion finish
  • Instant/faster colonist travel
  • Instant/faster merchant travel (those two have a value in save files, but it eludes me how to even look for it with CE)
  • Population edit for specific provinces (this is doable by just searching for province-by-province, but thus it takes at least 3 months per single province, making it lenghty and tedious thing to do without script)
  • One-day move to next province
  • Instantly removing "looted" tag, preferably of selected province
  • Ruler's stat edit

... pretty please?
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