Expert Cheater
Mar 12, 2017
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/382310/Eco/

Latest Version: 7.0.8

Info: The game is single player/server play. Such as games like Starbound, where to connect to a user hosted server with their IP. It is marketed as either SP or MP, but with the current state of the game, SP is absolutely impossible. You have 30 days to prevent a meteor from destroying your created world. To do so, you need to craft and to craft, you need skill points. Which are time based, you gain a certain amount every certain amount of time that passes. In order to stop the meteor, you need more skill points than a single player could possibly gain. Thus making the SP portion of the game 100% impossible. That leads me to my request..

Request: Skill Points

Basically just that. I've tried to edit them, with no luck. I can find the value, which is surprisingly float, but changing and locking does nothing. That's the extent of my skill unfortunately. The value is hidden somehow and the two float values I find seem to be visual only.


What is cheating?
Jan 7, 2018
There are two exec, the server and the client, you are trying to change the wrong one.
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