Dying Light (Steam Build #2222112 & #2260935)


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Mar 13, 2017
MAKE SURE YOU'VE DISABLED "VAC" IN ONLINE OPTIONS BEFORE TRYING TO CHEAT ANYTHING! If you fu*k this up you've got nobody to blame except yourself.

Hi everyone, here's my take on a cheat table for Dying Light. I began creating this using the "standard version" without the "The Following" DLC, Steam Build #2222112. The AoB-scans seem to be doing good, because after updating to Dying Light INCLUDING the "The Following" DLC (Steam Build #2260935) the table still seems to be working as intended.

It has a jumpy pointer for health (I'd advise you to use the scripts instead of freezing this one) and some scripts. It ain't perfect but it seems to be holding up; most of the scripts have been tested for hours and seem to do their job.

Included are the following 'cheats' (SP only of course):
-Keep health at 212
-Keep health at 999 (you'll also survive suicider explosions with this)
-Try to keep stamina full (attacking - your attacks won't lower your stamina)
-No stamina decrease (almost the same as the above script, but a different approach)
-Unlimited weapon durability (your weapons won't break)
-Unlimited repairs (you can repair your weapons as often as you want)
-Unlimited items (NOT ingredients/components - your molotovs, torches and the like won't decrease)
-Have 99 of everything when opening inventory (You'll at least need one of something or you won't get more of that item; I took a bit of time to analyze the item structures and I guess I've included (almost?) everything except the Clicker-mod!)
-No reload needed (your total ammo stash will decrease, but you won't need to reload your weapon)
-Unlimited max ammo (your ammo seems to "refill" after reloading - would've liked to have a nicer script but I'm lazy)
-Lockpicks won't break (does what it says, took a little while to figure that one out)
-Kill with one hit (USE THE ONE BELOW! This one is works, but your allies/other survivors will die as fast as the zombies!)
-Kill with one hit (refined - should keep your allies safe, but I haven't tested it completely)
-Faster leveling (500/1k/2k/5k/10k/25k XP for every action)- choose the one you want
-No money substraction (you should be able to gain money, but buying something won't decrease your cash)

For additional information, check the "RIGHT CLICK"-script in CE.

Hope it works for you!



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Dec 22, 2017
Thank you very much. Everything works so far, was looking for something to work after the last update. You da real MVP. :)

Also, could you implement some kind of timer stopper? Only for Bozak Horde stuff..


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Mar 3, 2017
Dying Light the following Enhanced Edition Steam v1.15.0 Community Cheat Table

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Mar 3, 2017
Dying Light the following Enhanced Edition Steam v1.16.0 Community Cheat Table

3/30/2018 updated table: http://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=230&p=7388#p7388">Here
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