Divinity Original Sin 2


What is cheating?
Jul 7, 2017
PearlOrient post_id=32115 time=1518286047 user_id=11007 said:
Steam keeps releasing weekly updates. The latest version is v3.0.169.700. Problem is that Steam players are reporting more game breaking bugs which means more patches on the horizon.

Thinking that any sane person updating the table is going to go insane when the game gets patched once every few days.
The real problem is the skill and effort needed to create these cheats. I'd be more interested in learning how we could update the tables ourselves (i.e. how to find the key addresses in D:OS 2).


RCE Fanatics
Apr 29, 2017
Got (re)started on this game a few days ago.
Here's a script I put together for v3.0.171.819
It gives you:
- Max Health; almost God mode - excessive damage will still kill you.
- Move speed mod; dunno what the devs were thinking crawling like turtles. This speeds up the player chars.
- Weight mod; you won't get encumbered (even if the number is in red). There seems to be a hard limit though, this does not eliminate that ;-)
- Infinite Action Points; for people not so keen on doing slow-ass combat
- Instant skills; skill timers reset immediately (if you see the clock, just move the mouse over the skill, and the UI will update)
- Infinite durability
- Infinite Spirit Vision; got fed up with having to activate it constantly. It should have been a toggle. Now it is ;-)
- Character stats: a set of switches to enable minimums and a 'Zero all' to get rid of any remaining points. Enable and disable as needed.




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Mar 12, 2017
IS there a google doc spreadsheet with all item names like weapons etc? I baffle how can there still not be a wiki with this info so long after the release, maybe the game just sucks that hard that nobody bothered to do it.