Disgaea 4-all fun weapons and special innocents

I'd like to know if any of you have got legit fun weapons or/and special innocents by subduing mystery innocents. I've found out how to replicate their effects on any other piece of equipment, but fisrt I need a legitimate special innocent in order to see its complete code. Here are the ones I already have: Kinder Gardener, Berry Picker, Chalkboard Scraper, Mana robber, Cat burglar, motivator, hand shaker, Beggar.
Please, could you share your save if you got other legit special innocents? If so, tell me if it has update installed and what region it is from.
Got all digger and Sensationalist. I can now predict the other innocents that inflict abnormalities upon attacking. So I need no more from All digger to Joke Slapper.
I've just got Killer,Sweet tempter and Wuss. To sum up, I only need Sumo Wrestler and Partier.
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