Dead Rising 4

May 29, 2017
Heres my Contribution for Dead Rising 4

Game Version: 1.0 - CODEX

Table Includes:

Teleporter HotKeys:
Numpad 7 - Save Position
Numpad 8 - Load Position
Numpad 9 - Undo Teleport
Numpad Divide - Teleport to Waypoint (no Y axis in this game, i set Teleport Height to 50 for now) adding in the next update a Value which you can change

!!!!!!!! Still Work in Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Always press Tab (Open Map) before pressing HotKey, Cheat needs to reload Mission Coordinate Adresses
- As i said, this is still work in progress may comparisions fail on Red/Blue.

Numpad Multiply - Teleport to Mission Yellow
Numpad Minus - Teleport to Mission Red
Numpad Plus - Teleport to Blue Mission


May 29, 2017
Table updated.
Added Teleporter, Super Jump, Super Speed, ExoSuite Battery, and some Pointers
Fixed Rapid Fire (works only for our hero now)

Zombies Can't attack you:
- This Prevents Zombies from hitting/grabbing you. But it also affects other Human players. Means, while activated you cnanot kill other Players.
Trying to find a better solution, but i leave it in the Cheat Table.
May 29, 2017
Table updated again.

* Fixed an dealloc problem within the Table.
* Added Stealth Mode
* Added few more Pointers (ExoSuite Slots ect,)
* Added PP Multiplier
* Added Get Max Level

Updated Teleporter Script.
* Added Teleport to yellow, red, blue missions (Still WIP, may comparisions fail on red/blue)

Note: Always Open Map before teleport to any mission marker. (Cheat needs to reload Mission Coordinate Adresses)