Dark Souls I Overhaul Project

Mar 30, 2017
Posting this on behalf of metal-crow:

Interested in Dark Souls 1 and want to work on an overhaul project it for it that requires some RE knowledge? A group of us have started an overhaul for DS1 that aims to address both PvP balance issues and introduce new features into the game.

It's the new features bit that I'm a part of, and is the area we need the most help with RE in. Specifically, we're trying to add features like:
Allowing >4 player in a world at one time
Making every area invadable
A Bloodborne-esque rally system
Adding in new animations/replacing existing ones
Animation system tweaks such as cancels and speed changes
And many more!

This stuff can get into the more difficult areas of RE (beyond basic CE memory altering stuff), so it might be pretty difficult unless you understand C very well and are decent in assembly. I personally use IDA Pro, so experience with that would probably also be helpful.

And of course, this is completely a voluntarily for-the-love-of-the-game thing. If you don't have the time, or just don't want to do a specific thing, that's totally ok! We've got a lot of different areas of work, and you're free to help however you want, whenever you want!

If any of these things seem interesting, or you like both Dark Souls 1 and Reverse Engineering, say so and I can send you an invite to the Discord! Even limited knowledge can be helpful, me and a few other RE guys are already there and can help out with any questions you may have (in RE or Dark Souls).
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