[REQUEST] Crosscode v 0.9.2 (Steam)

May 17, 2017
I've tried creating my own tables, but there are 3 processes, and I can't seem to figure out how to get any of them to work. The best I can do is go into the temp data and change enemy data.

Things like Inf Health, drop rate up, exp multiplier would be nice.


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Mar 6, 2017
well i got a working HP script for it but seems it only works for awhile then the game just shift its codes to another place in the memory (like wtf?), not really stable.


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Apr 6, 2017
This game has been in my wishlist for a while... it's unfortunately that I have not been able to afford the game yet : (
Though I do know this game uses Impact engine (heavily rewritten by the devs), so basically the game was written in javascript and html5.
May 17, 2017
It's a great game; it's almost finished, too. It was on sale for about 50% off recently I think. I'm hoping it will be easier to work with on CE after 1.0, but I got impatient and thought I would ask for help. Are there any common rules for Impact engine for CE (like for RPGmaker having values*2+1)?


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May 30, 2017
If you want to find (and edit) a value directly with Crosscode, you'll need to open up the largest process (value-wise) of the 3. You can filter this out easily by searching any value, the one with by far the most results for any given value is the one you want. Usually 2 of the processes will come up with the same number of values, and the other desired process will come up with at least 5x more.

Once you've determined the correct process, you will need to multiply whatever value you're searching for by 2. For example: If you have 600 credits, you will need to search for 1200 in Cheat Engine. Let's say you wanted 500000 credits? You must change the value to 1000000.
Basically, just take any value you're after and double it when using Cheat Engine.

So far I've been able to successfully do this with any pointer that is not modified. I have not tried it with stats, so if you're looking to increase HP, DEF, and any other stat, I would first try resetting your Circuit Points, remove all equipment, then give it a shot before and after levels. If anyone tries this and is successful please let me know!



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Aug 30, 2017
So we are at 0.9.5-5 now
I did find the current HP value and can edit that (variable type double, no multiplication of value).
However, I have tried what Fligglebleh said but can't seem to get the value for credits.
Largest of the three value wise (which seems to correspond with the largest in memory in task manager)
Tried various variable types such as double, float, 4 byte etc with both multiplying the value by 2 and not (and changing the credit amount via a shop).
I also tried looking for the word credit in the memory, finding specific items in the memory and seeing if I could adjust their sale value, but I seem either not to understand how that works as it also didn't yield results.
Did various google searches on how to go about this getting the following:
"In my experience everything will be of the double type, though there might be a little obfuscation so if
you're not finding stuff do unknown->increased/decreased searches. Also you can just view the source
and edit it to pull in edited versions of the game scripts and junk anyways." -Rydian

and http://www.cheatengine.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5674558&sid=c312e9a360a2652a6cd6159f276a1f51

Attempted the unknown initial value and increasing and decreasing by known values for all variable types.
All to no avail, I cannot seem to figure out how to change the amount of credits.

Do I need to fully learn AOB's, how memory works, and a bit of assembly to understand how to go about this, or am I missing something obvious?


Sep 17, 2017
By the way, the serious issue with this game is that it's an HTML5 game running in a window-less browser. It's mainly why cheat engine doesn't like working with it. I've tried editing the HP bars manually myself with just searching for the value, but once I found them, freezing them does nothing, and altering EXP values does nothing either. The steam discussion forums stated that you should literally just edit the game's files manually for cheating purposes instead of trying to use cheat engine. (IE: editing the drop rate, exp multipliers, etc.) But when I asked how I would go about doing that, no one responded. (Has something to do with the JSON files, and running the game in a chrome browser window.)


May 19, 2017
Just dropping in to say that for any timed trials you run across--events that have a timer on screen such as the monk's Aspiration Challenge mission (the second one) in Bergen--you can easily find the timer in CE by looking for the number of seconds as a Double type value.
41 seconds in = 41
1 minute 30 seconds in = 90
and so on.

To have infinite time for whatever you're doing just freeze it at 1 second or whatever. Probably unfreeze it after you're done with it as the game (as mentioned elsewhere) isn't terribly stable. 😉
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