[REQUEST] Constructor HD


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Oct 6, 2017
So I am not very good with scripts otherwise I would make this table myself. However I would like to request that a table with the following be made for Constructor HD:

For each Team as I understood them to be stored separately (Green, Blue, Red etc) we find the variables (To be changed or locked) for:
  • Amount of Money
  • Amount of Wood
  • Amount of Cement
  • Amount of Bricks
  • Amount of Steel
  • Number of Level 1 Tenants in HQ
  • Number of Level 2 Tenants in HQ
  • Number of Level 3 Tenants in HQ
  • Number of Level 4 Tenants in HQ
  • Number of Level 5 Tenants in HQ
  • Amount of White Marks
  • Amount of Black Marks
  • Amount of Police Cadets
  • Amount of Mob Bribes

For each team be able to lock:
  • Tenant Lifespans (Never die)
  • Building Health (Not Damageable)

The second list I am more than happy to do without however the first list shouldn't be too hard to manage I would imagine. Thank you in advance!
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