Citadel Forged with Fire


What is cheating?
Aug 2, 2017
Edit 3.8.2017 (MMDDYYYY) Table Updated for the latest game version.
Edit 3.8.2017 sometime in the evening: This game is pretty fun to play and it's updating frequently, so you can count on it coming out from early access.. oh and tables updated for latest version (12272 - 1)

Whats included in this table:

Knowledge Points
Primary Attribute Points
Max Health
Max Mana
Max Weight
Mana Regeneration
Health Regeneration
Cooldown Reduction
Movement Speed
Critical Hit Chance

Inventory Items
[Notice] Collect atleast one each of the following items and relog into game: Wood, RuneCrystal, YellowPine,Stone,GhostOrchid,Crowberry, Mushroom [Notice]
ItemID ** You can change wood to flowers by modifying this value
ItemTextID ** I wasn't able to find a value for any language that I know, so I'm not sure what this is.

[InventoryBasePTR] ** is a set of pointers for inventory, don't mess with these unless you know what you're doing.
[EnableInventoryHacks] ** One-time script that you enable AFTER loading into game. It will find your inventory so you can edit it.

How to use the inventory hacks?
Amount: You can modify item amounts and re-open your inventory to observe the changes.
ID: You can modify item ID's, and observe the changes when you drop the item.
[WARNING] Modifying ID's will EASILY corrupts your savegame if you the ID numbers to something thats not supported[WARNING]
TextID: This won't corrupt your save UNLESS you go over the value 255

How to backup saves?
Browse to: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Citadel\Saved and copy the SaveGames folder under a different name.


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