Chronos (Oculus Rift)


What is cheating?
Jan 3, 2018
A table containing pointers for Health, Total Experience, Strength, Agility, Arcane and Vitality.
In regards to experience, after changing it you need to kill an enemy to trigger a level up for your character.

I made a trainer for it, which you can download from here



Expert Cheater
Mar 12, 2017
Hey, so I know it's been months, but is there any chance you (or anyone else) would be willing to look into inventory items? I quit the game for a bit, too many good games at the time, and now I'm getting back into the swing of things. This table was a godsend.

I mainly want max Dragon Shards and Rare Dragon Shards. They are used to upgrade your weapons up to +5 and +10 respectively. I've tried over and over again to find the value with CE, but I always hit zero results after a few searches. I've tried every value type and even all. Always zero. A fuzzy search doesn't help either, I don't have enough shards to narrow it down that way.

If anyone has the game and would be willing to help, I could provide a save game or two. My one save has 42 shards, which should be enough to find the value. I just don't know the proper way to do it. Hopefully someone still has this game. The Oculus and "Revive" versions are the same, so the table should work on either.
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