[REQUEST] Batman: Arkham Knight


What is cheating?
Oct 12, 2017
Not sure if this has been resolved yet, but I've been searching for a couple days to no avail.

Basically I'm looking for an engine that enables the console commands that actually works, not sure if the game was updated or something but the one that SunBeam has up isn't working (I've followed the tut to the letter, the game loads and works, but when I try to execute anything it just does nothing). Maybe I've gotten something wrong or its been patched, I'm not sure, but if anyone wants to help out I'd appreciate it a ton.

If that isn't possible, then I'm looking for something that'll just get me all unlocks straight from the beginning of the game (all gadgets/upgrade points (it just makes me feel more like batman lol :D )).

Thanks all!
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