Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey +25 (table Update12)

Mar 3, 2017
Can you add "Have all recipes ideas" or "Can Synthesis all items"?
Mar 15, 2017
I've added the Item Effects and Traits IDs listed in Valatros' Google Doc to the Dropdown List for Effects and Traits.
Cuz it made me sad that the choices in the dropdown list was just limited.
[Removed most of the scripts and pointers. I just left the script and pointers for the highlighted item's effects and traits.]

Thanks to you guys for the table and IDs.


Mar 8, 2017
A word of advice, activate the "access all Recipes In Recipe Book" and only keep the ones you can get by spending Idea Points, the other ones are story related and can break the game if synthesized without legally getting the recipe... ;)


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Mar 14, 2017
Cielos post_id=1688 time=1489546071 user_id=177 said:
about the XP multiplier script:
thanks for the report.
it's because I made a typo..
I typed "movss", should be "mulss", so, instead of multiply the gained xp with the multiplier, it replace the gained xp with the multiplier instead...
will update it soon.

about "instant max item Proficiency":
it was updated to "item Proficiency multiplier" on last update (10.1) already, did you get the table actually?
Thanks! Seems fine now. :)


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Mar 8, 2017
Hi folks

Anyone has list for all item effects/trats etc ?

Been trying to figure out how i can make bomw with "Easy to Use" but can't find it anywhere.


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Mar 8, 2017
Hmm, i think there is something wrong with ingame translations in the game, since iv'e noticed that when doing some random quests for npc, that demand item with some "effect/trait" etc..., that the name of that effect/trait isn't always same on engliuh.

Anyone else notice this ?
Mar 8, 2017
I just passed the exam and even I already had all the answers the time to select the right one is to short so a code to stop that timer would be nice, I had to press the ESC key to pause the game and search for the answer but then you can't see the question or the options so it would be nice for those who hasn't taken the exam... :D


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Mar 3, 2017
I've yet to get the second recommendation, it may take a while for me to reach the exam finally.
it may speed up the process if anyone have a savegame to share..
alternatively you can use CE to pause the game for a short while.
Settings > Hotkeys > Pause the selected process
then again, you've already pass the exam, so as everyone else I guess, the game is out for quite a while already... there's no hurry I think..


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Mar 8, 2017
While doing exam, you get most points from other parts of exam, you only get about 10-100 points from written test.


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Mar 19, 2017
I heard that dlc characters are already in the game. Is there any way to unlock them? Especially Shannon.


What is cheating?
Mar 19, 2017
Has anyone been able to add components to an item and have the game recognize them?

I had drinking water with Cool/Mild for 15 + 5 => 20 synthesis points and then I added Slightly Bitter which was suposed to bring it up to 25, however the game never updates the value with the new one, it always remains at 20 despite the component showing up on the list.


RCE Fanatics
Mar 3, 2017
yes, the game only calculate the component total when it generates the item, if you add a new component via CE, you need to re-enter the component total yourself.
that's why you don't really need to add new components in if what you're after is just the component total for synthesising item.
either way, the pointer to "Component Total" is in the [highlighted item] as well, just a couple entries down the [components], before [colour].


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Mar 21, 2017
First of all, thank you for your table :).
I have a question: your table unlocks all the costumes, so... Can you get them later in the game? Because I see you can purchase the bikini costumes as DLC right now and I won't pay for something I can get free for playing (I don't know if you can get them later in the game). Can anyone confirm this?
Mar 8, 2017
Muzi post_id=2298 time=1490098420 user_id=1415 said:
First of all, thank you for your table :).
I have a question: your table unlocks all the costumes, so... Can you get them later in the game? Because I see you can purchase the bikini costumes as DLC right now and I won't pay for something I can get free for playing (I don't know if you can get them later in the game). Can anyone confirm this?
I have them from the beginning and had no problem so far, the only thing is you need to load the script each time you play the game because they don't stick in the save file... :D


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Mar 26, 2017
Thanks for your table !
I wanted to know if it would be possible to add unlimited inventory space and/or unlimited container space ? Specially the last one.
I know we can craft thing like cabinet and more storage stuff later, but I'm not here yet... and it's really getting on my nerves.


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Mar 3, 2017
my "cheat development" for this game is on hold for now.
playing mass effect now...
may revisit this game later.
feel free to share your findings in the mean time~


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Jun 21, 2017
Thank you for the table! It really helps!

One thing I would like to ask---in Sophie, there was a way to duplicate the items we find (eg if I found 1 great trait Golden Puniball, when its time to put it in Container I can duplicate it by setting its stack number so it became individual items in the container)
Is there any way to do the same (duplicate found items) with this table? Thank you again!


Apr 2, 2017
Oh~~ here is an updated version of Update 12

Update 12 (updated)
+Made Some Colouring
+Rephrased some Text
+Updated Traits List (Lists Almost All Available or Showing in the Trait Area)

@Cielos get this

Here is a the Full Trait List
0000:Low Price
0001:Low Price +
0002:Low Price ++
0003:Common Item
0004:Mass Produced
0005:No Price
0006:High Price
0007:High Price +
0008:High Price ++
0009:High Class
000A:Rare Item
000B:Premium Price
000C:Quality Up
000D:Quality Up +
000E:Quality Up ++
000F:Well Made
0010:Pro Perfection
0011:Super Quality
0012:Destruction Up
0013:Destruction Up +
0014:Destruction Up ++
0015:Big Destruction
0016:Intense Destruction
0017:Ultimate Destruction
0018:God Destroy
0019:Fixed Power
001A:Fixed Power +
001B:Fixed Power ++
001C:Pain in Numbers
001D:Damage in Numbers
001E:Big Damage Numbers
001f:Destruction Legend
0020:Increase Sharpness
0021:Cuts Easily
0022:Increase Aggression
0023:Recovery Up
0024:Recovery Up +
0025:Recovery Up ++
0026:Big Recovery
0027:Intense Recovery
0028:Ultimate Recovery
0029:Blessed by God
002A:Fixed Recovery
002B:Fixed Recovery +
002C:Fixed Recovery ++
002D:Medicine Enhance
002E:Big Medicine Enhance
002F:Enhance Recovery
0030:Legendary Recovery
0032:Critical +
0033:Critical ++
0034:Critical Finish
0035:Half Critical
0036:One Hit Kill
0037:Stable Effect
0038:Stable Effect +
0039:Stable Effect ++
003A:Stability Emphasis
003B:Solid Effect
003C:Boost Expected Value
003D:Use Count +1
003E:Use Count +2
0040:Use Count -1
0041:Use Count -2
0043:HP Enhance
0044:HP Boost
0045:HP Super Enhance
0046:Full of Life
0047:Overflowing Life
0048:Power of Life
0049:MP Enhance
004A:MP Boost
004B:MP Super Enhance
004C:Magician's Wisdom
004D:Grand Wisdom
004E:Wisdom of the Gods
004F:LP Enhance
0050:LP Boost
0051:LP Super Enhance
0052:Full of Stamina
0053:Unabating Stamina
0054:Infinite Stamina
0055:HPMP Enhance
0056:HPMP Boost
0057:HPMP Super Enhance
0058:Parameters +10%
0059:Parameters +12%
005A:Parameters +15%
005B:Enhance the Body
005C:Draw Out Power
005D:Develops the Body
005E:Evolves the Body
005F:Attack Enhance
0060:Attack Boost
0061:Attack Super Enhance
0062:Power of Beasts
0063:Power of Destruction
0064:Power of Gods
0065:Defense Enhance
0066:Defense Boost
0067:Defense Super Enhance
0068:Steel Defense
0069:Diamond Defense
006A:Dragonscale Defense
006B:Speed Enhance
006C:Speed Boost
006D:Speed Super Enhance
006E:Speed of Skanda
006F:Speed of Gods
0070:Speed of Light
0071:ATK DEF Enhance
0072:ATK SPD Enhance
0073:DEF SPD Enhance
0074:All Stat Enhance
0075:ATK DEF Boost
0076:ATK SPD Boost
0077:DEF SPD Boost
0078:All Stat Boost
0079:All Stat Super
007A:Well Rounded Power
007B:Flawless Body
007C:Tenacious Body
007D:Consume MP -10%
007E:Consume MP -15%
007F:Consume MP -20%
0080:Cut MP Consume
0081:Compact MP Consume
0082:Halve MP Consume
0083:Skill Power +10%
0084:Skill Power +12%
0085:Skill Power +15%
0086:Skill Enhance
0087:Skill Boost
0088:Skill Super Enhance
0089:Eco Skill
008A:Skill Cost Compress
008B:Skill Savings
008C:Expert Skill
008D:Super Skill
008E:Soul Dwelling
008F:Blessing of Strength
0090:Blessing Protection
0091:Blessing of Skanda
009e:Inflict Sleep
009f:Inflict Poison
00A0:Inflict Slow
00A1:Inflict Curse
00A2:Inflict Blind
00A3:Inflict Weak
00A4:Inflict No Heal
00A5:Inflict No Seal
00A6:Consume Soul
00A7:Powerless Curse
00A8:Defenseless Curse
00A9:Slowness Curse
00AA:Damage Absorb
00AB:Damage Absorb +
00AC:Damage Absorb ++
00AD:HP Absorb
00AE:Steal Life
00Af:Absorb Soul
00B0:Over Power
00B1:Beast Slayer
00B2:Dragon Slayer
00B3:Spirit Slayer
00B4:Alchemic Slayer
00B5:Plant Slayer
00B6:OO Slayer
00B7:Puni Slayer
00B8:Magical Slayer
00B9:Ghost Slayer
00Ba:Demon Slayer
00Bb:God Slayer
00Bc:none (crashes game)
00Bd:none (crashes game)
00Be:none (crashes game)
00Bf:none (crashes game)
00C0:none (crashes game)
00C1:none (crashes game)
00C2:none (crashes game)
00C3:none (crashes game)
00C4:none (crashes game)
00C5:none (crashes game)
00C6:none (crashes game)
00C7:none (crashes game)
00C8:none (crashes game)
00C9:Enhance Finisher
00Ca:Enhance Finisher +
00Cb:Enhance Finisher ++
00Cc:Merciless Blow
00Cd:Relentless Blow
00Ce:Ruthless Blow
00Cf:Trait Enhance
00D0:Trait Enhance +
00D1:Cost Bonus
00D2:Trait Super Enhance
00D3:Area Bonus
00D4:Area Bonus +
00D5:Effective Vs Many
00D6:Multi Bonus
00D7:Fewer Bonus
00D8:Fewer Bonus +
00D9:Effective Vs One
00Da:Single Bonus
00Db:Few + Many Bonus
00Dc:Enhance Last
00Dd:Enhance Last +
00De:Final Blow
00Df:Last Strike
00E0:Count Compress
00E1:Count Compress +
00E2:Force Final
00E3:One Time End
00E4:Count Bonus
00E5:Count Bonus +
00E6:Count Boost
00E7:Enhance with Count
00E8:Fast Use
00E9:Fast Use +
00Ea:Sonic Throw
00Eb:Mach Throw
00Ec:Power Throw
00Ed:Power Throw +
00Ee:Strong Throw
00Ef:Wait Time Enhamce
00F0:Wait Time Enhance +
00F1:Charge Item
00F2:Size +
00F3:Jumbo Size
00F4:Size -
00F5:Mini Size
00F6:Size Enhance
00F7:Size Super Enhamce
00F8:Crush Dimension
00F9:Kind of Light
00Fb:Easy to Handle
00Fc:Accustoms Quickly
00Fd:Zeal Factor
00Fe:Happy Heart
00Ff:Cunning Wit
0100:Splendid Glory
0101:Benevolent Light
0102:Wild Instinct
0103:Persistent Faith
0104:Guid Intuition
0105:Empty World
0106:Power of Madness
0107:Burning Passion
0108:Unwavering Spirit
0109:Fog of Illusion
010A:Bonds of Belief
010B:Hammer of Justice
010C:Dreadful King
010D:Unceasing Desire
010E:Pursuit of Knowledge
010F:Star of Expectation
0110:Ray of Hope
0111:Awakening Courage
0112:Kind Soul
0113:Indomitable Soul
0114:Followup: Pain
0115:Followup: Flame
0116:Followup: Ice
0117:Followup: Lightning
0118:Followup: Rage
0119:Followup: Poison
011A:Followup: Silent
011b:Followup: Sleep
011c:Followup: Vampire
011d:Followup: Split
011e:Followup: Guard
011f:Followup: Move
0120:Followup: Steal
0121:Followup: Steal G.
0122:Followup: Steal M.
0123:Glass Protection
0124:Demon's Dominance
0125:Nimble Weapon
0126:Forbidden Contract
0127:Mighty Swing
0128:Shroomtrooper Regen
0129:Prospector Treasure
012A:Mountain God Bless
012b:Convert Soul
012c:Power of Dark-Kin
012d:Lick Form
012e:Eternal Power
012f:Shroomking Regen
0130:Uncontrolled Aura
0131:Positive Risk
0132:Negaticve Risk
0133:Limit Break
0134:Devil Shield
0135:Honed Blade
0136:Evil God's Power
0137:Heightened Soul
0138:Flow of Gust
0139:Alchemic Star
013A:Force Cure
013b:Goddess' Curse
013c:Power of Thruth
013d:Verdict of Rage
013e:Heal Break
013f:Perpetual Motion
0140:Changing Attack
0141:Avidya Attack
0142:Barrage Attack
0143:Skillful Attack
0144:Persistent Attack
0145:Deadly Attack
0146:none (crashes game)
0147:none (crashes game)
0148:none (crashes game)
0149:none (crashes game)
014A:none (crashes game)
014b:none (crashes game)
014c:none (crashes game)
014d:none (crashes game)
014e:none (crashes game)
014f:none (crashes game)
0150:none (crashes game)
0151:none (crashes game)
0152:Auto Activate 20%
0153:Auto Activate 30%
0154:Auto Activate 50%
0155:Auto Use
0156:No Attribute
0157:Overflowing Vitality
0158:Calming Scent
0159:Nectar of Dusk
015A:Cures All Ilness
015b:Full of Spirit
015c:Golden Radiance
015d:Supreme Sweetness
015e:Frozen Delicacy
015f:Black Mortal Poison
0160:Light of Harmony
0161:Top Hardness
0162:Permeating Flame
0163:Attractive Force
0164:Diamond Protection
0165:Ancient Blessing
0166:Numbing Taste
0167:Cold Gem
016A:Demon's Power
016b:Ceasless Aura
016c:Top Fashion
016d:Cool Fashion
016e:Hot Fashion
016f:Pure Power
0170:Grand Soul
0171:Dragon Aura
0172:Dragon Soul
0173:Dragon's Vitality
0174:Resonance B: Fang
0175:Resonance B: Fist
0176:Resonance B: Sword
0177:Resonance B: Sacred
0178:Resonance S: Hide
0179:Resonance S: Bone
017A:Resonance S: Body
017b:Resonance S: Guard
017c:Resonance A: Run
017d:Resonance A: Gale
017e:Resonance A: Blink
017f:Resonance A: Musou
0180:Resonance All: Earth
0181:Resonance All: Sea
0182:Resonance All: H.
0183:Resonance All: Truth
0184:Very Smelly
0185:Controls Gravity
0186:Flame Origin
0187:Balloon Fish Poison
0189:Light as Wind
018A:Supreme Feel
018b:Negative Toxins
018c:Awakening Heal
018d:Red Shine
018e:Blue Shine
018f:Green Shine
0190:Madder Shine
0191:Black Shine
0192:White Shine
0193:Crimson Radiance
0194:Azure Radiance
0195:Jade Radiance
0196:Scarlet Radiance
0197:Dusk Radiance
0198:Gold Radiance
0199:Evolving Vitality
019A:Evolving Spirit
019b:Evolving Stamina
019c:Evolving Strength
019d:Evolving Defence
019e:Evolving Mobility
019f:Evolving Weapon
01A0:Evolving Item
01A1:Evolving Mitigation
01A2:Black Abyss
01A3:Ancient Shield
01A4:Aurora Drop
01A5:Twin Powers
01A6:Power of Evolution
01A7:Memory: Staff
01A8:Memory: Sword
01A9:Memory: Zweihander
01AA:Memory: Dagger
01AB:Memory: Axe
01AC:Memory: Spear
01AD:Memory: Bow
01AE:Memory: Gun
01Af:M. Memory: Staff
01B0:M. Memory: Sword
01B1:M. Memory: Zweihander
01B2:M. Memory: Dagger
01B3:M. Memory: Axe
01B4:M. Memory: Spear
01B5:M. Memory: Bow
01B6:M. Memory: Gun
01B7:G. Memory: Staff
01B8:G. Memory: Sword
01B9:G. Memory: Zweihander
01Ba:G. Memory: Dagger
01Bb:G. Memory: Axe
01Bc:G. Memory: Spear
01Bd:G. Memory: Bow
01Be:G. Memory: Gun
01Bf:Steal Soul
01C0:Seeker's Combat
01C1:Seeker's Defence
01C2:Seeker's Adventure
01C3:Thruth Fortune
01C4:Thruth Knowledge
01C5:Thruth Memory
will update effect and component next, it will take time though


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