Assassin's Creed: Unity - AnvilNEXT64 Cheats and more..


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Mar 2, 2017
By Sunbeam

Added GodMode, RefillPlayerHealth and TriggerMissionFailure. See hotkeys below (they can be changed, if you want):

Have fun Smile

[ 19.10.2015 - Update #1 ]

Hello everyone.

In the fashion of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Cheat Handler, presenting to you the x64 version for Assassin's Creed: Unity.

How it works:

1. Launch the game and get to main menu screen.
2. Alt-tab out to Cheat Engine.
3. Load ACU.ct table, select ACU.exe process and enable (click the check box in front of it) [Enable] script.
4.a. If it activates, then enable HookWithHWBreakpoint script.
4.b. If it doesn't activate, let me know - the same for above mentioned script.
5. Now either activate last script, Cheat Handler or load game, then activate it.


There is a function that contains the entire debug menu the engine (this game) works with. "[Enable]" script finds certain locations in memory and then registers the symbols of these addresses. The "HookWithHWBreakpoint" script then gets the addresses of the storage pointer and the hook address, and places a hardware breakpoint at that location (pContext). LUA helps setting a condition when breakpoint is hit, such as retrieving RCX pointer I need to then call up on game's debug menu functions Wink

For now, I've only added 2 functions:

- ToggleVanish (use Numpad 0 hotkey)
- RefillAllEquipment (use Numpad 1 hotkey)

First one above is toggleable (on/off) with same hotkey. Second function will just refill your inventory, so you don't have to parkour all the way to a medic.

Will be adding more next week, upon my return from Amalfi Smile Also, a teleporter with two more hardware breakpoints Wink


1. If any of the scripts don't get enabled, let me know.

2. If game crashes when enabling the Cheat Handler, you'll probably have to restart the game (did happen to me a few times).

3. Note the pContext pointer is acquired/updated in these situations:

- when you load game for the first time, entering game world;
- when you teleport from one viewpoint to another;
- when you start a mission;
- any other time when a cutscene plays (not everytime);

So, see to it that "pContext" address in the table (under HookWithHWBreakpoint, once enabled) contains a valid pointer (not "??" or "00000000").

4. To refresh pContect, you can fast travel (just to make sure address is acquired).

5. If pressing Numpad 0 or 1 doesn't do anything, wait a bit or move around and try pressing again. It should work eventually after 1-2 presses.

Have fun!

[ 25.03.2015 ]

Began looking at this title as well, along with Rogue. They're using same AnvilNEXT Engine ported to x64. Fun fact about this one is the excessive (yet irrelevant) use of VMProtect to envelope game code.

Running the game and dumping it, then studying the unpacked code (to also be read as uncompressed, since VMProtect packed data here) returns the following:

This is the prologue of the Debug Menu, the function that builds it up. RCX is the pointer that is used for most of its functions - unfortunately, not for Teleport, Nuke and probably some others that would be nice to have Smile

Using IDA to easily get the list of strings returns the following:

Calling convention is a bit changed from x32, since x64 uses _fastcall (instead of _stdcall) and the role of the EBP+X arguments is now taken by (in order of usage) rcx, rdx, r8 and r9 registers. We'll make use only of the first two, as most Debug Menu functions take 2 parameters (there is one I recall that takes 3, but since I don't have the right pointer, it won't work).

More as I progress, later.




Apr 2, 2017
Is it possible to unlock all equipment via cheat engine?
If yes could you explain how to do it?

I still haven't explored cheat engine deep enough.
Mar 8, 2017
It doesn't work, CTD when enabling HookWithHWBreakpoint

v1.5.0, Skidrow uPlay version.
I'm table ACU5.CT (assuming that was for Update 5; v1.5.0)


Novice Cheater
Jul 17, 2017
İt Doesn't work man ı dont even understand what ı am doing :/ there's lot of thing to click on it and ı dont understand which one ı should click on ı'm using the acu.ct can someone help me out ? and there's no Hookwith stuff to click on it :'(


What is cheating?
Apr 30, 2017
I would also love an update to this table! I'm trying to catch up on my AC games. Getting a CTD when enabling HookWithHWBreakpoint. I'm using the Steam version, 1.5 and tried it with both the ACUpdate4.ct and ACU5.ct.
Jul 9, 2017
use veh debugger and untick override existing breakpoints
and work
Jul 9, 2017
stn Tested and uploaded to your guys and should work and apply anti-cheats to the script
Jul 9, 2017
Not yet, but he has put the script on the game. I also thought that he had given up
Aug 25, 2017
Crashes the game entirely by hooking up the first script. V1.5.0
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