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Feb 4, 2018
Posting this here till this evening; figured a way to stabilize the hook and order the output text as I want :)
ACOrigins.exe+21D209E - 48 C1 F9 3F           - sar rcx,3F
ACOrigins.exe+21D20A2 - 48 23 08              - and rcx,[rax]

- read RSP -> x = [RSP]
- then [x+78] = pointer to item settings; from here +0x10 = item hash

hook 1: get the item; set bool to 1

ACOrigins.exe+8C53BA - C6 85 7E020000 02     - mov byte ptr [rbp+0000027E],02

hook 2: if bool is 1, collect pointers to storage

ACOrigins.exe+21D20AC - 48 8B B4 24 B8000000  - mov rsi,[rsp+000000B8]

hook 3: set bool to 0; call Lua to print what you collected
Also, this:
outputDebugString(text): Outputs a message using the windows OutputDebugString message. You can use tools like dbgview to read this. Useful for testing situations where the GUI freezes
+ TraceSpy (


+ DebugView++ (


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Feb 28, 2018
Hello, can somebody tell me how to use the debug menu in the anvilnext64 games? I seen SunBeam's post for ages provided with a picture of the menu, but never knew how to use it, and that's the reason why I registered. Thanks in advance and sorry for the misunderstandings!


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Nov 9, 2017
SunBeam post_id=34938 time=1519884348 user_id=12587 said:
Meanwhile :D


I'll soon update the table with what I've been showing around :)

That's greeat! So with your upcoming table we can swap/change items with any other item we want?


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Nov 28, 2017
CE table to swap is easy to inherit from Ceilos's one. attached.
Community compiled Low sync save . Cheers to (dhassanian2007, machine4578, budabum and "damn wrong" (c) guy who shared idea with hash id.

CPY Save includes:
1) all PLAZA unlocker items
2) Partner mount
3) Dark Side of the Moon, Radiance of Anubis, Revenge of Anubis
4) Scales of Truth, Assessor of Ma'at, Jackal's Gaze
5) Was Scepter, The Jackal, The Sekhmet
6) Conductor of Souls, Sword of the Duat, Sunslayer
7) Tomb Protector, Shield of Aaru, Ammit

and more gold items added from legit quest "A Gift from the Gods"
8) Ultima Blade, Ziedrich, Kweh
9) and Eastern Dynasty Pack

updated Gear cheat guide will look as follows:
1. CE: enable "weapon editor.4", enable "[just equipped gear]"
2. ACO: go to Gear inventory and click back and forth on ANY item you would like to swap.
3. CE: CE should load addresses, someting like
---quantity = 1
---lvl = 1
---rarity = Legendary
4. CE: get hash id from the hash table. E.g. Ultima Blade 000001601BA94377
5. CE: search HEX, 8 bytes, 000001601BA94377. in most cases you get single address in search results
6. CE: verify each address you found using "pItem (to test address)", paste into Address. note: found address should be substructed by 10h. E.g. if found 193D38DE8, then address to test is 193D38DE8-10 = 193D38DD8
7. CE: using "pItem (to test address)" test each address found. "Category" should be something meaningful.
8. CE: paste verified address to "+pItem (pointer to swap)" into Value. done.
9. if ACO did not crash, you are done and will see new item in your inventory.

this damn temp list is being updated
0000015952AE9045 Ripper Nightmare Pack Sickle Sword Legendary
0000000000000000 Forlorn Hope Nightmare Pack Heavy Blade Legendary
0000000000000000 Barbed Longbow Nightmare Pack Predator Bow Legendary
0000000000000000 Flickering Daggers First Civilization Dual Sword Legendary
0000015952AE9081 Moonlit Shield First Civilization Shield Legendary
0000000000000000 Lightning's Strike First Civilization Hunter Bow Legendary
0000017218B4B573 Hercules' Gladius (H) Gladiator's Pack Regular Sword Legendary
0000015952AE8F69 Labrys Gladiator's Pack Heavy Blade Legendary
0000000000000000 Neptune's Grasp Gladiator's Pack Spear Legendary
0000000000000000 Palladium Gladiator's Pack Shield Legendary
0000000000000000 Cupid's Bow Wacky Pack Light Bow Legendary
0000015952AE8FFF Swordfish Wacky Pack Regular Sword Legendary
0000000000000000 LOLCAT Wacky Pack Heavy Blunt Legendary
0000015952AE8FE6 Cotton Swab Wacky Pack Scepter Legendary
0000015952AE903B Ruler of the Storm Almighty Pack Sickle Sword Legendary
0000000000000000 Bark of Ra Almighty Pack Spear Legendary
0000000000000000 Stick of Bastet Almighty Pack Scepter Legendary
0000015952AE9063 Balance Almighty Pack Shield Legendary
0000015952AE8F23 Nekhbet's Wing Almighty Pack Warrior Bow Legendary
0000016C540670F8 Abyssal Steed Nightmare Pack Mount Legendary
0000016C540670FA Midnight Sun First Civilization Pack Mount Legendary
0000016C54067100 Unicamel Wacky Pack Mount Legendary
0000016C5406715E Spaniard's Armor Gladiator's Pack Outfit Legendary
0000016C54067160 Shadow Warrior Nightmare Pack Outfit Legendary
0000000000000000 Mythical Warrior NG+ Outfit Legendary
00000078E76A4554 Bow of Ra Hidden One DLC Light Bow Legendary
0000015952AE9009 Ippei Blade For Honor Regular Sword Legendary
0000015952AE9013 Tempest Blade For Honor Regular Sword Legendary
0000015952AE9086 Imelda Shield For Honor Shield Legendary
0000015952AE8F7D Sahalin Axe For Honor Heavy Blade Legendary
0000015E7C88C299 Celestial Raiment Eastern Dynasties Outfit Legendary
0000015952AE8F0F Hou Yi's Bow Eastern Dynasties Warrior Bow Legendary
0000015952AE9072 Guardian Lion Eastern Dynasties Shield Legendary
0000015952AE8F41 Courage and Justice Eastern Dynasties Dual Sword Legendary
0000015952AE8FF0 Sword of Goujian Eastern Dynasties Regular Sword Legendary
000001601BA94377 Ultima Blade (G) A Gift from the Gods Regular Sword Legendary
00000164BA886049 Ziedrich (G) A Gift from the Gods Shield Legendary
00000164BA8EE147 Kweh (G) A Gift from the Gods Mount Legendary
000001668BD21C31 Hidden One Hidden One DLC Outfit Legendary
0000015952AE8ED3 Painless Death Hidden One DLC Hunter Bow Legendary
00000164BA8D2745 Tooth of Sobek Hidden One DLC Heavy Blade Legendary
0000015952AE8F55 Blades of Thoth Hidden One DLC Dual Sword Legendary
00000172C29FB961 Hammer of Ptah Hidden One DLC Mount Legendary
00000172C29FB961 Gertha Hidden One DLC Mount Legendary
00000172C29E23FF Collector Outfit Outfit Rare
00000172C298B552 Persian Leader Outfit Rare
00000172C298B550 Persian Legend Outfit Rare
00000172C2969337 Heliopolis Marauder Outfit Common
00000172C29E23FD Maasai Leader Outfit Rare
00000174F5FC80D4 Dress of the Foreign Realm Outfit Legendary
00000174F5FC80D6 Gasp of the Plains Outfit Legendary
00000174F5F0FC56 Confident Attire Outfit Common
00000172C2969339 Red Sea Marauder Outfit Common
0000015DD3DCEDCA Warden's Oath (C) Club Outfit Legendary
00000174F5F0FC58 Gracious Attire Outfit Common
00000161AC5C552E Edward's Outfit (C) Club Outfit Legendary
000000F37AEF1D77 Vestment of Horus (H) Horus Pack Outfit Legendary
000000F37AEF1D71 Desert Cobra (H) Outfit Legendary
0000011A6AAF8515 Lucius, Roman Stallion (H) Roman Centurion Pack Mount Legendary
000000F37AEF1D6E Centurion's Armor (H) Roman Centurion Pack Outfit Legendary
0000014726208A49 Fangs (H) Mount Legendary
0000011A6AAFBC41 Apophis Herw (H) Horus Pack Mount Legendary
00000078E76A1D23 Vox Populi (H) Roman Centurion Pack Regular Sword Legendary
000000A2352E6F88 The Fang (H) Sickle Sword Legendary
00000078E76A1DEE Eye of Apep (H) Heavy Blunt Legendary
00000078E76A1D5A Divide et Impera (H) Roman Centurion Pack Heavy Blade Legendary
00000078E76A22B4 Crescent Moon (H) Horus Pack Hunter Bow Legendary
00000078E76A4535 Morning Sun Horus Pack Light Bow Legendary
000000B0C3304E34 Snakes on a Shield (H) Shield Legendary
00000078E76A1E30 Vincit qui Patitur (H) Roman Centurion Pack Shield Legendary
000000B0C3304E31 Sun and Moon (H) Horus Pack Shield Legendary

have fun, dear friends.



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Nov 28, 2017
11 mounts shared in the list. rest still can be obtained by old semi-reliable way.
which one you are interested?
Feb 21, 2018
the issue im having is getting them to swap when i try the original mount is removed and the one i want doesn't appear :/


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Nov 28, 2017
you may clone items at Blacksmith or wait simpler damn right GearEditor from SunBeam.
how to clone:
1. ACO: pick sword/bow/shield but outfit/mount, any item which blacksmith can upgrade
2. CE: set "quantity" to 10.
3. ACO: make sure your Bayek is Level 2 or higher.
4. CE: set "lvl" to 1
5. ACO: when going to Blacksmith/Upgrade you will see your just eddited item with level 1. Upgrade 1 item
now chosen item is cloned: 9 lvl1, 1 lvl2
6. swap cloned item

for legit users.
you may swap owned items and get them again in ubi shop


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Mar 1, 2018
Hey @budabum, when I try : 8. CE: paste verified address to "+pItem (pointer to swap)", the pointer address is greyed out and can't be modified. I tried to change it by calculating the offset needed to reach my desired address but no luck. What am I missing?



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Mar 1, 2018
Works perfectly with changed values, thanks for the fast reply. Now we just need a bigger hash table haha!
Feb 21, 2018
sorry im really bad at this can you give an example on how to do the -10 part?

ok nvm i figured it out but im not getting the item i wanted (Celestial Raiment)
Nov 14, 2017
I'm quite the novice with Cheat Engine, but here's an image and a video on how I used the low sync 100% save to move the gear I wanted to my main save file. There might be a much better ways, but this is the only one that worked for me. It's fairly simple and doesn't take long.


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Nov 28, 2017
nice, that is damn wrong (c) first version of Gear swap cheat. posted a week or so ago.
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