Asphalt 8: Airborne v3.4.0m +5 Functions [09.01.2017]


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Dec 16, 2017
Hello People!
Feel free to use my Cheat Table for game: Asphalt 8: Airborne, VERSION: 3.4.0m (PC Version)

✔ Try All Cars (You can try & ride with all cars & motorbikes in the game)
✔ Money Mod (Buy Almost Everything with Credits which the cost is with Tokens - you can't buy stuff which is server-sided)
✔ UnBuy Cars (Write the Number of the Car which you want to unbuy and then freeze the script - the vehicle will be unbuy)
✔ BluePrints to Tokens (Buy All Vehicles with Tokens :-D after activating this script, activate Money Mod script and buy all BP Vehicles)
✔ Set Credits (Write amount of Credits that you wanna have and just freeze the script)

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PS: There is a Download Link because I don't know why I cannot add attachments! It wrote that is error with Parse(?) ???
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