[REQUEST] ARENA an Age of Barbarians story

Mar 22, 2017

Game came out recently, already had 3 patches. Would be excellent to have at least God Mode.

Tried to search for 4 Byte, assuming that at the beginning of the match both you and your enemy have 100, found 1 4 Byte address for player's health, but it's impossible to change it or freeze. Also tried to find enemy's health and, with the same assumption, found 1 4 Byte address, which can be changed to, for example, 1 in order to leave your opponent with 1% of health. The problem is, however, that the most difficult enemy in game (at least from what, I've heard) is Khan-Dread who's health I found impossible to find (either because he's regenerating always, or because he has more than 100 at the beginning of the match).
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