[REQUEST] AI War: Fleet Command


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May 11, 2017
could you make a table for this game
inf health
inf ammo
Jun 6, 2017
I'm not going to lie. Your request confuses me. Infinite health kinda makes sense, but is largely impractical due to the nature of the game. And especially on the topic of infinite ammo. Ammo...is unlimited. Unless you mean Shadow Charge. In which case the table made by Shinkansen a while back will work just fine.

The link to the table is here.

For units with inf health, simply use the table to give your best units absurd health boosts and regeneration.

Now the main reason why I'm even posting an answer to this is that I want to know if you can get the hacking option on this table to work. I can't get the player hack stats to work. Which kinda kills the game for me since hacking is annoyingly important. Well. Important to me anyways. Even if I have overpowered units, my computers will lag to a screaming halt if there are 200,000 units spawned by the AI because I decided to hack the game. If you would, or well, anyone, please help me figure out how to make it work again.
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