Can someone help me put some code together?

Lord Blade

Lord Blade

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Mar 9, 2017
So, for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game, I've been asking for a cheat to add to the table to give us a boost to our ally Bond levels (basically the XP bar for our allies).

Someone had posted the following:

I just had a look. The allies' xp is easily found.

pass the parameters to this function: AllyStruct* (*exe+B2BCB0)( *(exe+17AD2E8)+8, uint Index) and you get back the ally structure pointer. The exp is just located at (Allystruct+4).

Everything is stored to a global singleton with a fixed address.

About the multiplier, it seems to go through another function if a flag is set to increase the XP a second time. You can just change the multiplier there. I haven't messed with Bond item to check where that function is yet. I might find it without using an item by just reading the code though...

EDIT: just change xmm1 before exe+B153B9 for the ally exp multiplier

Just hook the address I told you. Then Assembly -> framework -> add code before that line to store a float of your choice in xmm1.
Use a bond item. And profit.

While I appreciate them giving me that info, I've been looking up tutorials and trying to figure out how to make use of it, but I just can't wrap my head around it.

Can someone give me a hand? Like a step-by-step "for dummies" explanation?