Need help with edit MHW's weapon files


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May 11, 2019
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Hello guys,I am a beginner of making mods.
Recently I spent a lot of time researching Monster hunter world's weapon data files,and I got a problem that I cannt fig it out by myself.

I want to know how to read and edit a file which is in chunk\hm\wp\wp12,the file name is wp12_param.w12p(There are a total of 14 folders here.wp00--wp13,each one has a own param file)

I learned how to edit some weapon data file with Hex workshop.But now when I open param file with Hex workshop,I can only see a bunch of garbled that make me feel confused.(other file in the same folder can read with Hex workshop)

Does anyone know about this code?

Here is the Dropbox link: