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Apr 29, 2017
I kept this post here for historical reasons.
For update 4+ (v1.4.1), see this here post.

There was an Update 2 released recently on Steam.
I thought I would give it a go because the changelist was impressive.
As it turns out, the game remains mostly unenjoyable and it keeps crashing in certain areas, too.
Too bad. I really wanted to like this game.
I grew up on Ultima Underworld, which I consider one of the best RPGs of that time - so I feel very disappointed.
Not sure why the same people who made that gem in 1992 are unable to get this right decades later.

Anyway, here's the table I built while I was still enthusiastic about this title.
Just enable all scripts from top to bottom after you loaded a save (no need to do anything specific) and you'll get:
- Pointer to money
- Pointer to jump height
- Demigod Mode (massive damage will still result in instant death -> needed to get out of lava and stuff)
- Infinite item durability (even better, any item you pick up will also be fully repaired)
- Move speed mod (too high speed will make you take flight at stairs or kill you when you bump into things)
- Infinite mana
- Infinite stacked items (such as food and arrows)
- Infinite skill points (you get them back when you click 'Confirm')
- Arrow speed mod (so it'd actually feel like an arrow like throwing sticks)
- Quest system grabber (so you can force the Completion flag of side quests - did not find much use for this with infinite skill points though)

All debug rubbish (hook, structures, comments) are included just in case I don't come back to this game and someone'd like to pick it up.

Well, the devs did make some improvements, so let's keep our fingers crossed that they will actually make it more like Ultima Underworld and a lots less like ... whatever this weird environment/physics demo is.

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1


  • UA.CT

    Update 2 on Steam CE 6.8

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Apr 19, 2017
Thank you. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that when that time comes you will update your table. ;)


May 8, 2017


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Sep 23, 2018
Thank you very much and keep uo the good work. Also seeing that the team is dedicated fixing their initial mess, I have high hopes for UA, still.


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Jul 6, 2019
Any possibility for an update, since update 4 came out? Looks like they made significant improvements since update 2.


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Apr 29, 2017
I bought this game the third time now (I think) due to the refunds I had to make whenever I was unhappy with the product (original, u1, u2).
I got it on sale, so I guess I don't have to feel bad about wasting my money anymore, it's surely worth that much.
But that's not why we're here.

So I took out v1.4.1 for a spin.
It seems the engine has been replaced and quite a bit reworked.
Not mono anymore, rather il2cpp.
This means reversing requires a bit more time, but in exchange we don't have to deal with all that JIT nonsense, all hooks are available right away.
From an end user's perspective, this is a definite win - no more hassle with scripts not enabling due to missing code.
The code seems less efficient though, there's a lot of repetitive nonsense (mostly checks) - you can tell it either has not been optimized, or il2cpp is "just this way", or the devs built in an awfully lot of checks for some reason. We will see once more il2cpp titles come out. Not that it runs slow at all - it's just that I have to pay for the electricity bill in the end and I could live without useless overheads ;-)

I rebuilt more or less the same table as before with some exceptions.
The current script offers you:
- Bonus Objective Resolver; forces completion of the bonus objective when you leave the area (so you get the skill points for the Saurian Challenges). I got tired of flipping the flags manually so I scripted it.
- No Camera Tilt; sorry, I was gonna throw up after 5 mins. Noone walks and fights like that. Camera tilt be gone!
- Player DIlation Haste; you can scale your relative speed (consider it a personal time scale). If you recall, in the previous table there was a movement speed mod only. Well, this one applies to everything, incl. spellcasting, melee and ranged speeds. Slowmo be gone!
- Instant Dash; no need for that stupid build-up effect, is there? Plus, this make the game tons of fun.
- Dash Distance mod; you are the Ascendant, so now you can ascend further ;-)
- God mode; the usual. Mind you, this is not scripted, you directly flip the build-in flag (with all of its benefits and quirks). I was lazy to script it, simple as that.
- Infinite Mana; the usual. Mind you, this is not scripted, you directly flip the build-in flag (with all of its benefits and quirks). I was lazy to script it, simple as that.
- Well Fed; a.k.a. Hunger be gone!
- Infinite Stacked Items; the usual. This one's scripted though because there's no built-in flag for this.
- Infinite Item Durability; the usual. Keeps items you pick up or hold in pristine condition.
- Arrow Speed Mod; the usual. Throwing sticks be gone!
- Visibility Factor Mod; allows you to mod your overall visibility (incl. stance, equipment exposure, etc.). Intended to make sneaking easier, although you can set it to 0 to be completely invisible even if you are standing in a fully illuminated spot. Mind you, it does not have any impact on audibility!
- Audibility Mod; allows you to mod your movement's audibility - same concept as Visibility Factor Mod

There are a few hardcoded offsets so an update may break the script in the next update.
Also, this was made using the CE 7 beta. I have no intention of fixing it for previous versions (all you have to do is expand the "NOP x" instructions to x times "NOP" instructions).
Either do it yourself or wait a bit, the new release is due soon.

No more updates from me on this.

PS. anyone knows how to sheathe weapon?

Update #1
Added pointers for skill points, jump height, hunger, memora (aka silver coins).
We will see whether scripting is needed or not.
I guess I'll start a new game to see what's what.

Update #2
Added Infinite Item Durability.

Update #3
Updated Infinite Item Durability (equipping an item is not longer required to repair it).

Update #4
Added Well Fed.

Update #5
Added Visibility Factor Mod.

Update #6
Added Audibility Mod.

Update #7
Added Quest System Pointers.

Update #8
- Bonus Objective Resolver,
- Instant Dash,
- Dash Distance mod.
- Quest System Pointers.

This is the last update for a long time...


  • UA.CT

    v1.4.1 on Steam CE 7.0+

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Jan 7, 2020
Hello, thanks for your script.
Can you (or someone else) update your script for the v1.4.2, please ?
Or explain how to do it myself ?