Final Fantasy XII IZJS


What is cheating?
Jan 20, 2019
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hello guys i'm back with playing with final fantasy xii izjs in pxsx2 since i'm an old school person and i was searching and messing around with cheat engine for fun.
i saw a video on youtube of someone who has managed to hack the enemy abilities and use if for the main characters and that was really awesome since there is no blue mage class in the game that can use enemies skills on the other hand there is a tool for final fantasy xii remastred version that can change abilities animation and damage formula etc... and im sure there are some addresses for that in the pcsx2 version for example an address for the animation and another for damage..etc
i was thinking if someone here knows how since i was messing around with the items and the characters addresses and i couldnt figure it out
here is the video link that i saw but unfortunately the owner didnt share his table or how he manage to do it