Wild West Saga Business Tycoon (Steam)



What is cheating?
Nov 11, 2018
Hey guys,

i have tried to bypass or remove the CodeStage Anticheat system of this Game, but, it did not work. :( (i did not learned programming)

In this game, you dont need this, because despite anti cheat protection, you can read all functions with dnSpy (for example)

So, i have changed 2 important things, so you can finish every City faster.

What did i change:

1. I removed the Countdown for every Business. (all Business stands on 00:00:00 (instant income) and
2. i increased the Level Bonuses for the Business. (10x)

The effect: You can travel to the next City within 5-10 Minutes including the 5 Cards Bonus (max)

It is possible to edit the Achievement Rewards, if somebody needs a huge amount of GoldCoins. You can decrease the Achievement requipments too. (Example: Normal: Acquire 1,2,3... Family Member(s). Edited: Acquire 0 Family Members for all 20 Achiement stages) (not included in this Mod yet)

[attachment=0]WWT Speed Mod.rar[/attachment] (Remove ".mod" at the end of the Filename)

Place the File in: Wild West Saga - wildwest_Data - Managed (Replace or do a backup of the original Assembly-CSharp.dll first)

Thank you.

I have created this thread, because Maybe someone can use it?!

I have modified the Android APK on the Same way too. (no problems with AntiCheat)




What is cheating?
Mar 2, 2019
tried to use but keep getting a crash on loading


What is cheating?
Oct 18, 2019
Thank you for this post man, saved me a lot!

man, when i realized im playing this game for months and still did not get 1/3 of achievements i had to do something. making non ending idle games cheat protected must be considered unethical!

heres how i did it:

Bypassing CodeStage Anti Cheat - youtube videos
dnSpy - dll editor
wildwest_Data > Managed folder - Assembly-CSharp.dll & Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll

firstpass.dll, i edited all cheat detection functions by changing method name (right click > IL instructions, click > change method then after finish save as module) like in tutorial videos. i dont know whether it had any effect. since i dont know what im doing, i must tell. then realized im not hacking shooter game, my problem was not getting detected and vac banned :lol:

Assembly-CSharp.dll has all those functions but finding real ones (not displaying / converting / loading functions) was a bit difficult. also you cant add lines or variables to the end of lines, cant edit inside if branches etc (at least i couldnt). so went with the only idea i had left: not decreasing spent gold & cash with changing the lines with nop instructions (N).

afa i remember (gold and cash) they each must have only one line, therefore changing 2 lines must be enough for completing the game. (i had already collected 7k gold with achievements - nonstop shopping ftw!!! - also go west with gold wohoo!!!) must be relatively easy to find the lines since amount spent information also have been kept in those methods for acievement check etc, we only delete "-= amount" lines. and it works...