Final Fantasy XV (Steam)



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Mar 3, 2017
Table for Final Fantasy XV
Steam Game Version

Major Thanks to KS212 for gifting me the Ep. Ardyn DLC!

Ignore Recipe Ingredients tricks the game into thinking you have the max amount of most items. Can be used to unlock the whistles and chocobos! However, the actual value of your items remain the same. If you want to see your actual item value then just disable the script.

Other notes can be found in Table Extras


Inf HP
One Hit Kill
Inf MP
Inf Tech Bar
Inf Armiger
Inf Dynastic Stance Duration
Inf Stamina
Inf Item Use
Inf Elemental Energy
Inf Spell Quantity
Unlock All Techniques
Ignore Recipe Ingredients
Inf Fishing Line Durability
No Magic Cooldown
Reset Level
Exp Gained Multiplier
Exp Multiplier At Rest
Skill Exp Multiplier
Tech Exp Multiplier
Hunter Rank Pointers
Activate Summons
--Instant Summons
--Invoke Specific Summon
100% Alterna Hit Rate
Death Drain Multiplier
Max Damage Output For Ignis
Max Rage Output For Gladio
Max Clarity
Valor Mod
Bestiary Options
--View Complete Bestiary
--Complete Bestiary (Permanent)
Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats
Max QP
Freeze Regalia Test Drive Timer
Freeze TOD (Dependent On Cielos TOD Script)
Freeze TOD (NOT Dependent On Cielos TOD Script)
Gil/AP Pointers
Item Finder
Highlighted Weapon Pointers
Highlighted Accessory Pointers
Magic Editor
Meal Duration + Editor
Status Effect Editor
--Inf Status Effect Duration
--No Negative Status Effects
Velocity Mods
Inf Chocobo Stamina
Chocobo Sprint Speed Multiplier
--Chocobo Glide Decent Rate
Chocobo Jump Height

Episode Ignis
--Max Clarity

Episode Gladiolus
--Freeze Score Attack Timer
--Combo Never Resets
--Status Effect Editor

Episode Prompto
--Freeze Time Trial Timer

Episode Ardyn
--Full Demon Gauge
--Can Always Execute Rising Phantom
--Inf Evade Duration
--Inf Double Jump
--Combo Multiplier
--Combo Doesnt Reset

--Highlighted Weapon Pointers
--Highlighted Chocobo Stats

GachiOnFire's Scripts
--Customize Stats Multipliers

Cielos's Scripts
--Time Of Day Mod
--Custom Guest Member Mod

DrummerIX's Scripts
--Override Shop Item ID

Update 1 - Updated a few more scripts. Fixed Inf HP. Added directions on how to load the table above.

Update 2 - Updated a few more scripts. Added Inf Armiger!

Update 3 - Changed the hotkey for Inf Armiger to Tilde Key.

Update 4 - Finished updating demo table. Added Max Damage/Rage Output For Ignis/Gladio and Load Saved Weapon ATK Power. I will be working on improving this script for all stats on weapons and accessories.

Update 5 - Finished Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats.

Update 6 - Fixed Inf Item Use. I apologize for this. I meant to fix this much earlier..

Update 7 - Added a few more items to Item Finder, basically all the ones that aren't covered with Ignore Recipe Ingredients. There is a QP item that will let you add QP points. Find this under Key Items. I'm leaving out most key items from the list due to having no effect in game, there is no point in adding them. Added Hunter Rank Multiplier. Fixed issues with Inf HP and Inf Status Duration.

Update 8 - Fixed hotkey for Inf Armiger.

Update 9 - Changed comparison for Inf HP and Inf Status Effect Duration.

Update 10 - Fixed issues with Hunter Rank Multiplier. Can be dangerous to use, do so with caution. Added notes in Table Extras.

Update 11 - Thanks to Canes for pointing out Effect IDs in the Accessory structure, the one effect I tried testing on strangely doesn't work. Added the pointer under Accessory Finder. Will add the weapon effects later. Inf MP now supports the Ring of the Lucii.

Update 12 - Found some time to work on this! Added Skill Exp Multiplier.

Update 13 - Updated Table. Slowly reverting back to aob scans.

Update 14 - Added OHK option to Inf HP. This should fix the bugs in the DLC. Inf HP now supports Cor, Iris and Aranea. Inf Tech Bar now supports Ignis and Prompto as well. Added Max Clarity and Valor Mod. Added scripts for Episode Ignis that didn't carry over from the main game. I tested out Episode Gladiolus and everything seemed fine. I will start with Episode Prompto next.

Update 15 - Fixed a small issue with Inf Tech Bar, readded support for the Armiger Unleashed.

Update 16 - Fixed an issue with OHK option only triggering with Inf HP enabled. Added support for the Tournament monsters, or any monster for that fact, to Inf HP + OHK.

Update 17 - Added Activate Summons. Its best to pick only one summon at a time as I didn't bother scaling the chances. Supports Ramuh, Shiva and Titan, still looking for Leviathan. Added possible fix for gil/ap pointers.

Update 18 - Added Instant Summons. Summons will be available as soon as the battle starts. If used by itself it seems to only activate Ramuh unless specified otherwise. Updated Exp Multiplier and Skill Exp Multiplier.

Update 19 - Added all key items to Item Finder. Added Eos Green Peas as well to Item Finder and Have All Ingredients. Added Inf Dynastic Stance Duration.

Update 20 - Updated most of the table. Scripts I still need to update are Hunter Rank Multiplier, Max Damage/Rage Output and Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats. Untested scripts are Inf Item Use, Unlock All Techniques, EXP Multiplier and Episode Ignis scripts. Will have a full update within a few hours!

Update 21 - Updated for latest version. Episode Ignis scripts still untested. If anyone finds an issue let me know.

Update 22 - Updated Episode Ignis script.

Update 23 - Added pointer to Kw. Added Status Effect Editor and Freeze Score Attack Timer for Episode Gladio. Added Highlighted Weapon Pointers for Comrades. Comes with a DDL for Weapon IDs and Effects/Properties. Weapon IDs are still a work in progress. Some Properties are missing due to them not being in close proximity to the other IDs. I'll find them eventually. Tested by yours truly!

Update 24 - Added some more properties and weapons to Highlighted Weapon Pointers.

Update 25 - Fixed an issue with Inf Status Effect Duration that was causing crashes. Added Combo Never Resets for Eipsode Gladio. This should help with achieving a high score. Added Freeze Time Trial Timer for Episode Prompto.

Update 26 - Added Invoke Specific Summon. This now includes Leviathan! Removed each script for individual summons. This is best used with Instant Summons as I don't hook into the chances anymore. Also, I removed all structures from my table, making the download size significantly smaller!

Update 27 - Added Max QP and Highlighted Chocobo Stats for Comrades. I'm unsure if the highlighted function works as I only have one chocobo to test this on right now, so I'd appreciate feedback on whether this works or not.

Update 28 - Fixed Highlighted Chocobo Stats per what Cielos mentioned. Again I didn't even bother testing as I only had one chocobo, but I trust what Cielos had said.

Update 29 - Added a Revised table. Added EXP Multiplier At Rest. Added Complete Bestiary to make changes permanent. Removed the multiplier from Hunter Rank, added a pointer instead. Removed Have All Item scripts. May add them back later. Made a couple changes to Status Effect scripts.

Update 30 - Fixed issues with Ignore Crafting Requirements and Inf Elemental Energy on the revised table. Fixes item quantity being displayed as 0 when disabled.

Update 31 - Added Freeze Regalia Test Drive Timer, Freeze TOD (Dependent On Cielos TOD Script), Freeze TOD (NOT Dependent On Cielos TOD Script) and No Negative Status Effects. Revised table only.

Update 32 - Fixed an issue with No Negative Status Effects, where it would only take effect if the Magitek Barrier was enabled.

Update 33 - Added 100% Alterna Hit Rate and Velocity Mods. Improved Inf Status Effect Duration, fixed the issue where certain stats would go away after battle. Note this is not the correct way to go about making a proper speed/jump modifier. However this is something for you guys to mess around with until I figure out what is actually modifying the speed/jump values.

Update 34 - Changed the Wea/Acc Finder functions to Highlighted ones.

Update 35 - Added Reset Level. Fixed an issue with No Magic Cooldown.

Update 36 - Removed Velocity Mods from the main script. Made a standalone version instead. This will stop the hotkeys from having an effect after its been disabled.

Update 37 - Added some missing weapon IDs to the Highlighted Weapon Pointers for Comrades. Credit goes to @Ohpz for providing them. Changed the hotkey functionality for Velocity Mods. Description can be found in Table Extras.

Update 38 - Added a table for those who use Japanese text in game. Includes fixes for Inf HP+OHK, Inf MP, Meal Duration+Editor, and Status Effect Editor. Guest characters are not supported with Inf HP in the JP table yet, will fix this soon. Fixed a small issue on the main table as well.

Update 39 - Fixed the main script. A few scripts aren't working at the moment, which I will be fixing either tonight or tomorrow. These are small fixes, but I can't work on them until later. Broken scripts are highlighted in red. This will at least get you using most table functions again. NOTE: This was a very quick fix and everything remains untested.

Update 40 - Table fully updated. Removed supporting characters from Inf HP. You can add them when needed.

Update 41 - Updated table for the latest version.

Update 42 - Updated table for the latest version.

Update 43 - Fixed an issue with the Comrades Highlighted Weapon Pointers.

Update 44 - Fixed an issue with the Highlighted Accessory Pointers.

Update 45 - Table updated for the latest version!

Update 45.5 - Fixed default values for Chocobo stuff.

Update 46 - Fixed the pointers for Prompto in the Status Effect Editor.

Update 47 - Changed the behavior of Inf Status Effect Duration. It now excludes negative status effects so they'll function like normal. Fixed an issue with Inf Status Effect Duration where the party would become invulnerable upon activating.

Update 48 - Table updated for the latest Steam version. Includes GachiOnFire's Stats Multiplier script.

Update 49 - Fixed an issue with Unlock All Techniques. Fixed pointer for Kw.

Update 50 - Table updated for the latest version. Added Death Drain Multiplier. Kw is now under the [Comrades] section.

Update 51 - Fixed an issue with Inf Dynastic Stance Duration, where the effect wouldn't take place at all. This also fixed the Hunts menus from looking all screwy. Added Garuda to the DDL for summons.

Update 52 - Table updated for the latest steam version (Ep. Ardyn).

Update 53 - Table updated for the latest steam version.

Update 54 - Table updated for the latest steam version.

Update 55 - Table updated for the Ep. Ardyn DLC.
Update 56 - Added some more stuff for Ep. Ardyn. Added the JP fix.

Cielos's Table Here
DrummerIX's Table Here
OleMagne's Table Here
Marcus101RR's Table Here
louanbastos's AIO Table Here
Predprey's Table Here

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1




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Mar 3, 2017
Nice, going to test out the equip editors for 4x Magitek Suit v2's. I swear I am never farming these again...

EDIT: Ok, sorting items in the inventory still crashes the game :/


Mar 7, 2018
Fun fact. Ignoring Ingredients auto-completes Takka's quests.


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Fearless Donors
Jun 17, 2017
Do I have to activate the regular and assert codes simultaneously?

I activate Gil/AP pointer but nothing happen

EDIT: nvm got it working

What is cheating?
Feb 4, 2018
vosszaa said:
Do I have to activate the regular and assert codes simultaneously?

I activate Gil/AP pointer but nothing happen

EDIT: nvm got it working
How did you enable it?


RCE Fanatics
Mar 3, 2017
here's my contribution:

all scripts can be activated/deactivated any time you want.
- updated max stamina and unlock all Avatar appearance options. they work on the latest game patch now.
- updated many scripts to work on the latest game patch, not all are updated though. the one that is NOT updated has a prefix ** in the script name.
- updated custom guest member mod, you can add Sarah to the team now. she will fight with you, but sadly she won't get in the car nor the Chocobo.

- added ignore Hunter Rank.
- added unlock all Avatar appearance options. remember to read the descriptions below first.
- updated some pointers.

- updated advance evade key. it works on the latest steam patch now.
- updated the table for the latest steam patch, time of this table update: 20180901.
- not all the scripts are updated though, i.e., advance evade key and ignore chocobo stats. I may look into them eventually later...
- not all the scripts are thoroughly tested, e.g., the team override option of undead, max mp, etc. I'll play the game for a while, probably until Shadow of Tomb Raider is out, so let me know if you found any bug in the mean time.
- added dossiers cam control override.
- removed the scripts for the "developer" version.

- added max armiger and ignore medals.
- added a separate enable script for the developer version, in case the steam build would eventually migrate to the developer build in the future...
-- while some of the scripts has to be customized for the developer version. most of the scripts can be activated for the steam version as well. e.g., the enable script for the developer version can be used on steam version.
-- for the developer version, ignore medals isn't added, as I've made this script after I revert back to the steam version (may go back to the developer version after I finished the game once... don't know, maybe mod tools is out by then).
-- for the developer version, custom guest member mod isn't updated, as you can use the debug menu to add/remove guest in real-time already.

- updated custom guest mod. fixed a bad edit.
- updated custom guest mod. fixed a bug that disabling the script would crash the game on loading savegame or refreshing party members. it also allows you to remove a custom guest now. see script's description on this post for details.
- updated custom guest mod, fix the guest disappearing when a guest member joined when using the script.
- added a in-development script custom guest mod. read script's description for details.
- updated auto evade key to advance evade key. changed the hotkey, and you can actually evade even when you're attacking when the key is pressed now. see script's description for details.
- updated damage multiplier. it covers the spell damage properly now. also in theory it should work on "100% critical hit" food buff now, yet to test though. report~
- updated damage multiplier, turns out the game have another adjust codes after the damage calculation, moved the manipulating process there, the healing bug (too much damage become healing) should be fixed now.
- updated ignore damage cap to raised damage cap, which allows you to set the damage limit now. read description for details.
- updated damage multiplier, the process were implemented right where the game is reading the attack of the weapon/spell, while the actual damage output were calculated with other factors like strength, magic and stuff, which makes the results not accurate. e.g., even when you set the multiplier to 0, you can still deal damage to the enemy. the updated script moved the process much further in where the actual damage output is being calculated. as a result the multiplied value is accurate now.
- added ignore damage cap
- rewritten damage multiplier, the method I used was to manipulate the code on damage receiver end, although it can (sort of) bypass the damage cap, it took to much codes to locate the attacker. now I manipulate the weapon attack read code and apply the multipliers there, it's always accurate, but it won't bypass the damage cap alone, so I made the ignore damage cap as well..
- updated enable, damage multiplier can be applied to the team or individual member now, check description for details.
- added some more pointers.
- updated undead and max mp. added team override options (they were there from the first version of the table, I just enabling it now), see scripts' description for details.
- updated ignore Gil.
- added another ignore script, and some pointers.
- just in case:
-- don't ask me for online Comrades' cheats. if you want one, do it yourself.
-- if you want to cheat in Comrades (online or offline), either by using the tables/trainers you found, or all by yourself, remember it could ruin your savegame. cheat at your own risk.
-- problems/questions with using my cheats in Comrades (online or offline) will be ignored.
- updated "ignore gil (zero gil)" to "ignore gil", the visual glitch of the stats compare interface in equipment shop is fixed. using a cheap method, but it's the most efficient, that I don't need to cover all the other routes it'd take...
- removed "ignore gil (100 gil)", as it was just a lazy precaution of the visual glitch.
- updated both ignore gil scripts. they cover the car fast travel expense now. also, fixed a bug that would prevent the quest's description from showing.
- updated inf. item to inf. item usage. it only apply to field usage now. (i.e., won't stop item quantity from reaching zero when handing in item for quest, selling items, etc.)
- updated trot speed to chocobo speed mod.
- added alt chocobo sprint key to chocobo speed mod.
- added auto evade key
- updated enable script, party member won't receive the damage multiplier set anymore if the party member has no undead applied.
- updated the scripts that generate code caves: enable, max mp, inf. spell quantity, inf. item, the 2 ignore gil, time of day mod, and trot speed.
- not all of them are thoroughly tested, so, report~
- added damage multiplier.
- updated "ignore gil (1 gil)" to "ignore gil (100 gil)", a lazy way for me to avoid tracking the car fast travel expense again...
- updated undead, fixed a typo that would prevent Ignis from being protest by the undead.
- added back ignore AP
- updated the table for the released game.
- updated undead, it should cover the max Health lost as well (custom min health +1).
- yet to update scritp: ignore AP.
- yet to test scripts: both ignore gil scripts. also they don't cover the car fast travel expense yet.
- all these 3 scripts will be updated soon.
- removed unlock chocobo rent.

- updated undead, the AOBscans were defected and it injected the code on a wrong place. it's fixed now.
- updated ignore gil, it covers the car fast travel's expense now. also it separates into 2 scripts with slightly different function now. read description for details.
- forgot to mentioned the max stamina I've added some update before...
- updated the scripts with AOBscans, just in case. tested and works on the crack. will update accordingly when the legit game released.
- added time of day mod, longer hover and trot speed.
- updated ignore gil, it covers the car customization expense now.
- added inf. item, max fishing line drability, ignore customize car item requirement, ignore cooking ingredient, and unlock chocobo rent.
- updated undead to cover the 4 members.
- added ignore gil and ignore AP.
- health still drop but you wont' be killed.
- can be applied to the whole team and/or individual characters.
- setting team override to "applied" means your whole team (the 4 main members) would be undead, no matter you have applied it to them individually or not. i.e.:
-- 1. setting team override to "applied" and Prompto to "disabled", means that the whole team, including Prompto would be undead.
-- 2. setting team override to "disabled", Noctis to "applied", and all the other members to "disabled", means that only Noctis would be undead.
- team override doesn't include guest members, you'll have to apply to them individually (only 2 characters in the guest list now, will add more as I find them).
- if you are using an Avatar for Noctis, and named him other than "Noctis", the script won't apply to him even you set the "Noctis flag" to "appplied". you'll have to use team override to included Noctis.
- team override haven't been thoroughly tested. report~

max stamina

max mp
- mp stays full or refill to full when being used.
- can be applied to individual characters or the whole team.
- team override haven't been thoroughly tested. report~

inf. spell quantity
- quantity won't drop below 1.

spell instant cooldown

max tech
- the bar stays full always.

max armiger
- armiger would be maxed at the start of battle, and everytime you've done using the armiger.
- you'd still exit the armiger mode when the bar depleted and/or after you used the armiger chain, but you can re-activate the armiger again right away.
- activate always max together, and you won't exit the armiger mode until the battle ends. to exit the armiger mode mid-battle, press the R key on the keyboard.

damage multiplier
- damage multiplied will be bound by the damage cap, so it won't exceed 9999 or 99999. it's recommended to use this script together with raised damage cap.
- multiplier(s) can be applied to individual characters.

raised damage cap
- allows you to customize the damage cap.
- "custom damage cap" default: 1,000,000,000, can be change by editing the script, line 1.
- the on-screen damage number shows only 5 digits. so, for example, if you used damage multiplier to reach the default "custom damage cap" of this script, i.e., 1,000,000,000, on-screen damage would be "00000". may look into expending the digits display later, no promise though...

inf. item usage
- item quantity won't drop below 1 on field usage.

inf. prompto ammo
- as title says, works the same as inf. item usage.
- need to activate inf. item usage.

max fishing line drability
- the bar stays full always.

ignore Gil
- can buy in shops, eat in diners, customize car, rent chocobo, and car fast travel with zero Gil.
- Gil still decrease normally on use until it reaches zero.

ignore medals
- allows you to exchange any prize in the arena without any medals.
- medals still decrease when you exchange prize until it reaches zero.
- you still can't bet on a game with zero medals though.

ignore kW
- can power up nodes regardless on the current kW.
- kW still decrease normally on use until it reaches zero.

ignore AP
- can learn anything regardless on your current AP.
- AP still decrease normally on use until it reaches zero.

ignore Hunter Rank
- when activated, allows you to accept any hunt regardless of your current Hunter Rank.
- the hunts that require a higher Rank than your current Rank are still grey out so that you can avoid a higher rank hunt if you want to.

ignore customize car item requirement
- customize car without the required items.
- required item' quantity still decrease normally on use until it reaches zero.
- should be used together with ignore gil.

ignore cooking ingredient
- cook without the required ingredient.
- required ingredient's quantity still decrease normally on use until it reaches zero.

time of day mod
- hold CapsLock and PageUp to rewind time.
- hold CapsLock and PageDown to advance time.

advance evade key
- when activated, press and hold the CapsLock key, you will evade enemies' attack even when you're attacking.
- the main differences between game's default evade and this advance evade:
 game's evade key  | advance evade key
 -short time-frame | -unlimited time-frame
  to evade         |  to evade
 -can't evade when | -can evade when
  you're attacking |  you're attacking
 -can block attack | -can't block attack    
  when prompted    |  when prompted
- when both game's evade key and advance evade key are pressed, advance evade's key function will override the game's evade key. e.g., if you want to block an attack, you have to released the "advance evade key" and then press/hold the game's evade key when you're promoted.

longer hover
- chocobo can hover in mid-air a little bit longer after jump.

chocobo speed mod
- when activated you can customize the walk speed and trot speed of the riding chocobo. 1 means normal speed.

alt chocobo sprint key
- need chocobo speed mod activated for this to work.
- when activated, press and hold CapsLock key to move as the specified alt spint speed, without using the chocobo's stamina.
- alt spint speed can be changed by editing the entry. default: 10, can be changed by editing the script, line 4.

custom guest member mod
- when activated, allows you to choose a custom guest to join your party.
- choose a character for the custom guest ID (default: Iris), then load a save game.
- to remove a guest, choose "no custom guest" from the custom guest ID's drop down list, then reload a save game.
- if you have saved the game with a custom guest member created with this script, he/she would stay with you until you reach a point in the game that a guest would joined you, then he/she would be replaced. OR until you remove the guest with the instruction above, then save and reload.
- **you should use a separate save when using this script. in case something went wrong.

unlock all Avatar appearance options
- when activated, allows you to use all the Avatar appearance options (Face, Hairs, Attire, etc.) without obtaining through the treasures in the main game first.
- note that the script don't add the actual treasures to your inventory, you can still obtain them by playing the treasure hunt.
- remember to activate this script before you change Noctis' appearance to the Avatar (or load a savegame that are using the Avatar) that have one or more yet-to-obtained appearances applied, or the appearances would revert back to the default look.

dossiers cam control override
- when activated, enable all the cam control for all character dossiers' model view.
[attachment=0]ffxv_s u17_1.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=1]ffxv_s u16.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=2]ffxv_s u15.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=3]ffxv_s u14.1.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=4]ffxv_s +22.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=5]ffxv_s +20.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=6]ffxv_s +20.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=7]ffxv_s +20.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=8]ffxv_s +19.CT[/attachment]
[attachment=9]ffxv_s +18.CT[/attachment]

from the old post




Mar 7, 2018
Thanks for your hard work!
is it possible for one of you to add the option "add guest member to the party"?
The guests that can be added are:
1) Iris
2) Ardyn (no battle)
3) Cor 1
4) Cor Old
5) Kingsglaive PG character "Glaive"
6) Aranea
7) Umbra
8) Ravus

and of course Prompto, Ignis, Gladio

maybe there are more, for example Gentiana, but you have to check. On the PS4 version there was Gentiana and Titan



Expert Cheater
Apr 19, 2017
{ Game   : ffxv_s.exe
  Date   : 2018-03-07
  Author : qweasdzxc17

  This script does blah blah blah


assert(ffxv_s.exe+77B104,89 4E 04) // should be unique


  cmp [rsi+04],ecx
  jg infitemskip

  mov [rsi+04],ecx
  mov ebx,eax
  jmp infitemret

  jmp infitemmem


  db 89 4E 04 8B D8


// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: "ffxv_s.exe"+77B104

"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0EB: 44 8B E0                 -  mov r12d,eax
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0EE: 85 C9                    -  test ecx,ecx
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0F0: 79 04                    -  jns ffxv_s.exe+77B0F6
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0F2: 8B CB                    -  mov ecx,ebx
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0F4: EB 07                    -  jmp ffxv_s.exe+77B0FD
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0F6: 41 3B CC                 -  cmp ecx,r12d
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0F9: 41 0F 4F CC              -  cmovg ecx,r12d
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0FD: 8B C1                    -  mov eax,ecx
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B0FF: 89 3E                    -  mov [rsi],edi
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B101: 41 2B C6                 -  sub eax,r14d
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B104: 89 4E 04                 -  mov [rsi+04],ecx
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B107: 8B D8                    -  mov ebx,eax
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B109: 85 C0                    -  test eax,eax
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B10B: 7E 45                    -  jle ffxv_s.exe+77B152
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B10D: 41 B0 01                 -  mov r8l,01
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B110: 8B D7                    -  mov edx,edi
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B112: 49 8B CF                 -  mov rcx,r15
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B115: E8 E6 5B 00 00           -  call ffxv_s.exe+780D00
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B11A: 45 85 F6                 -  test r14d,r14d
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B11D: 7F 11                    -  jg ffxv_s.exe+77B130
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B11F: 41 B1 01                 -  mov r9l,01
"ffxv_s.exe"+77B122: 44 8B C7                 -  mov r8d,edi
i think this is better for infinite item use, yours prevents from picking up items as well. At least when i tested it.


RCE Fanatics
Mar 3, 2017
Yeah I was going to fix that later. I'll add it to the table on the next update and put your name in the header as well.


Mar 6, 2018
There's any cheat to lvl up the Skills?


Expert Cheater
Apr 13, 2017
All of the scripts crashed for me, until after I finished the couple quests in the beginning and got the car back, then the ones I've tested so far have been working, guess things are changed around once you get the car back and that's why some people have trouble getting the scripts working, maybe.
Thanks squall8 and cielos for your scripts btw!


Expert Cheater
Dec 8, 2017
The only scripts I really want are
All royal arms
All summons
All accessories
Armiger unleashed unlocked
Always blindside
All weapons


Mar 7, 2018
miwagre said:
The only scripts I really want are
All royal arms
All summons
All accessories
Armiger unleashed unlocked
Always blindside
All weapons
and Add Guests to party, it's quite cool too


Expert Cheater
Mar 3, 2017
miwagre said:
The only scripts I really want are
All royal arms
All summons
All accessories
Armiger unleashed unlocked
Always blindside
All weapons
Royal Arms are bound to the story so I would expect they may cause progression blockage.

Armiger Unleashed appears to be some kind of Accessory, we just need to work out what...


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Jun 17, 2017
Elsefirot said:
There's any cheat to lvl up the Skills?
+1 for this