Dragon Fang Z



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Mar 3, 2017
On this tutorial im gonna show you how to use some default debug cheats inside Dragon Fang Z made from no other than the devs themselves :3 cheats are already embedded in code :)

ok lets start like usually attach,your cheat engine 6.7 or higher, to dfz.exe process.
You will notice a new option on top of cheat engine called Mono :), click on that and activate first option and click the dissect mono. Only use the bellow codes inside dungeon to avoid crashes (add random items works in w?rehouse but use with closed menus) :)

here is an example on how to get full dragon Timer in game cheat (debug :3)

^ pick one of them doesn't matter which one

with same way you can get Next Floor (skip a floor), Wrap random (teleport random), StatusOverride Super (super invicibility immune to everything for ever), StatsOverride2 (super invicibility + invisible to enemies ignored :3 ), AddBrave (does as it says) .... , AddMaxBrave(adds one more heart to brave), ChargeAllSkill (can use all skills again), LvUPWeapon ( levels up the weapon you wear :) ), LvUPShield (Levels up the shield you wear), Level up ( like it says you gain a level), KillOneEnemy (kills enemy next to you 100% fang drop rate), KillAllEnemy (kills all enemies in current room with 100% fangdroprate), AddArrow (maxes arrows once you move), RevealAll (has map always revealed), AddRandomItem (fills all 20 slots with random items anyone of them from game)...

:) Enjoy the power of debug :D