Finding an unused skill and adding it.

Graphite Edge

Graphite Edge

Jan 27, 2018
I'm currently playing SAO : Hollow Realization, and the Dual Wielding class in this game has an unused skill that is only available for 1 boss in the game.
However, a player has found a way to obtain that skill as can be seen here :

He added it in the game's palette ( somehow, problem is that he claim it's not a mod/ hack and that it's all legit blablabla.

So my question is, how should I go on to find this skill ? I don't know any value related to that one, and I'm quite new to all of this CheatEngine stuff.


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May 8, 2017
I don't know if this will work in this particular game but this is what I did in other games that has values that can be enabled and disabled. First, make saves that have the said value(skill) enabled and one that is disabled. Now load a save where the value(skill) is enabled and search for 1(1 is usually the value of something that is enabled) then load the save that has the value disabled and search for 0(usual value for something disabled). Repeat these steps till you find your correct address