Need help finding an address in Don't starve or DST



Fearless Donors
Aug 9, 2019

I am trying to find literally anything that I can use to get an address on don't starve. I've been told that pretty much every value is run through one or two addresses which I've found to be true. I have however found small details that I could use if I knew everything there was to know about assembly language.

I found that health is stored in a string as currenthealth but I don't know how to use this to create a script. I tried to disassemble this address and there is nothing that appears to be health around that string.

I've attached a lot of the stuff I've found below and would appreciate any help that I might could get. Let me know if you have any questions. I know this is prob the hardest game to find addresses for but it's honestly one of my favorite games.

I know I've posted before and was told to use the console commands but it doesn't feel like an accomplishment with game hacking when I do so.