Quest Hunter +6 WINDOWS STORE Trainer



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Apr 16, 2019
Quest Hunter +6 Trainer for WINDOWS STORE​
  1. Infinite Health
  2. +99 Items on Pickup
  3. Increased Kill XP
  4. Instant Max Level
  5. Infinite Attribute Points
  6. Super Speed

  • +99 Items on Pickup: Must have at least 1 item in your inventory and then on next same item pickup it will be +99 each time the item is looted – this applies for ALL items.
  • Increased Kill XP: This changes the XP gained from killing enemies to 999 XP per kill – MUCH higher than the default kill XP. Cannot be used in conjunction with “Instant Max Level”.
  • Instant Max Level: This will instantly give you Max Level (20) upon killing an enemy, deactivate once Max Level to avoid any bugs. Cannot be used in conjunction with “Increased Kill XP”.
  • Infinite Attribute Points: Upon spending an attribute point you will instantly gain 99 attribute points until the option is deactivated – then it will count down from 99 until you’ve spent all available points.


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