Changing value not having taking effect in game * VIDEO



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Apr 24, 2020

All i need is a little hint on how to solve this.

I made an awesome script that makes units attack at a specific time. The only problem is, the value does not update until i touch the unit or move the unit.

That makes the whole thing pointless.

Because then even if i automatically update the value that makes them move. They only actually move if i update something in them. Sometimes just clicking them. Which is not good.

So nothing happens until i actually move them somewhere or click them.

I know this is a typical thing because i have also noticed this happening in other games.

In other situations for example for turned based games, i have seen in some games it is needed a end turn for the game to actually update a score or gold. It does not update live.

I want to make a great mod that makes tactics and i need this to happen first.

I made the video showing exactly all the process behind what im trying to do. And what fails to happen.

im trying to do a circle tactic with my units. And make them attack only on specific times. Like this historical cavalry archer tactic.

The problem is that they dont respond to the No Attack Stance, unless i click them. Which makes it pointless then to make it automated. Because the point is to make it work without clicking.

I put some effort into this. And please i will take any time and any effort to make it happen.

Cheat engine is a great tool, and im sure this is no challenge to it. So there is only some little thing here that is escaping us.

Please watch my video, make it fast forward. Help me.

Thanks so much for all the support so far.


Jan 4, 2019
You wrote, that you did create a script - that injection point used in the script is the only one accessing (not only writing to!!) your values?
Many options possible. You can try to find some other value - not for the stance but attacking. You can f.e. also find out if there is only 1 "real value" (just change one of them, check if stance changes, and prob. sets other values too), the others just copying and browse memory region to see if there might be something related to attack. You can also backtrace the code (forward or backwards like here).
Those are the most easiest ones, others prob. more complex, but let's stick to that for now.